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Random Picture Post

October 31, 2007

First of all- Happy Halloween! And happy birthday Mom!

I had to post these random pictures. They’ve been patiently waiting in my Shutterfly account.

I saw this in a Jimmy John’s parking lot. It just struck me as ODD.

This is a very ghetto bench near my house. It’s propped up on bricks. But it’s a very pretty color!

A car with WAY too many ribbons.

I parked next to this vehicle in the Walgreen’s parking lot on 35th & Wisconsin. Those are some HOTT seat covers.

I came home from work a few days ago to find a present from David. Isn’t he sweet?! Too bad the 5th season sucked BALLS!

And that is all. For now.


Fall Days

October 25, 2007

It is really beautiful outside. The colorful trees make it easier to handle the colder weather and the shorter days. I am trying to take it all in and appreciate it, because I know that all too soon we’ll be in for 4 or 5 months of barren landscape, icy weather, and what feels like mere minutes of sunlight.

But I can’t worry about that yet. Not when there are so many beautiful sights springing up around me. Even my work parking lot looks beautiful!

I don’t have the time or the patience to blog about my Halloween party and costume right now, but I will leave you with a teaser of the pictures of the results of my costume…

This is what I did to my hair on Friday night, hoping to achieve the ratty/curly/wavy look.

After taking the braids out.

 Halfway there!

 Bellatrix LeStrange costume completed.

Rockin’ the Dark Mark.

Haunted House Tour

October 23, 2007

Seriously. How much fun was this? It was so exciting! I love being scared and these haunted houses seriously freaked the crap out of me.

We left work early and went to Menomonee Falls to the 102.1 station. The Rocky Horror cast and a limo was waiting for us.

The limo was stocked with MGD and Miller Lite. I drank some MGD out of a champagne flute on the way to our first stop- Terror on the Fox in Green Bay.

We took a rest stop in Waupun. This picture can only be captioned as “WAUPUN!!!”

Our group got some very odd looks as we walked into the gas station. This guy was the least of it. People were seriously freaking out.

I must say, they had good reason to give us weird looks. These people are freaks, after all.

 So we get back on the road and arrive at Terror on the Fox. We had about half an hour to wait, so we amused ourselves.

 Dammit, Janet!

 Can she has cheezburger?

I can has cheezburger!

You can also has go-gurt. Or a walking taco.

Finally we got to go in. It started with a haunted train ride. A real train. It was awesome. There were creepy people that roamed around and harassed us.


We got off the train and got to go through two haunted houses. The first one was all about “facing your fears.” There were a bunch of rooms and they all had a different theme or phobia. Clowns, spiders, snakes, closed spaces, heights, psycho killers, etc. It was very well done. It ended with a vertigo tunnel. Holy crap that messed me up. I feel dizzy just thinking about it.

The second house was a “normal” haunted house. It had some cool anamatronic creatures and very good makeup on the creepy people. I screamed through the whole thing.
Before and after:


After that it was back in the limo, and on to Hauntfest at State Fair Park. This was awesome! I was so surprised. I thought it would be kind of lame. But not only was it truly scary, but they treated us like the V.I.P’s that we were. Hahaha. Seriously though, they were taking pictures and video of us from the moment we got there, we got free stuff, and we were the only group going through the haunted house. I highly recommend this place if you’re in Milwaukee. It starts out with this crazy jail maze that is lit entirely with strobe lights. Creepy people run out at you and scream and it was so scary. My heart was racing instantly. It’s a really LONG house. I was so scared and exhausted by the end. I was almost crying. It didn’t help that my group made me go first. Harsh. It meant I got to carry a flashlight, though. I wish I could tell the coolest thing, but I don’t want to ruin it for anyone.

When we were done, the creepy creature things followed us around the parking lot for a while.

If you go, be SURE to check out the port-a-potty. Just do it. And then keep in mind that I was on my way to actually use it. And one of the dudes was video taping me. Great.

So then we went on our scared, trembling way to Morgan Manor at the Waukesha County Expo Center. Again, we figured this would be kind of lame. But we were excited to find that we were again the only people there. In fact, they stayed open late just for us. We braced ourselves for either serious scares OR half-assed scares, figuring that they would hate us for keeping them later.

It was AWESOME. Again, there were two “houses.” I think the second one was slightly better (“Morgan’s Terror”) but they were both great. I was scared out of my pants. Almost literally. I was sweating in fear. The makeup and costumes were the best. My favorite room was this creepy little girl’s room with hanging dolls. SCARY!

It was after midnight when I finally got home. Tired, frightened, sweaty. But it was worth it. It was so much fun!!

Here are a bunch of random pictures of the night:



I wish I had better pictures. But I was too scared to take any in the haunted houses. And then I was too scared to take any once I was done. I’m a baby. This I know.

Haunted House Tour

October 18, 2007

Unbeknownst to me, David entered a radio contest for a Haunted House Tour, courtesy of 102.1. In fact, he didn’t tell me until Tuesday. When he won.

Here’s the blurb:
FM 102/1 Club Members… If you love Halloween and everything that comes with it, this is right up your alley. Enter now to win your chance to go on a Chauffeur driven limo ride to three haunted houses for the FM 102/1 Boo Review Tour on Thursday, October 18th. Your hosts for the evening will FM 102/1’s Drunken Gorilla and the cast from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The winner and their guest will meet at the FM 102/1 studios at 4pm and will return around 11pm. The first stop is Terror on the Fox in Green Bay, followed by Hauntfest>at State Fair Park and finally Waukesha’s Morgan Manor. At each stop you receive the VIP treatment – no waiting, extra scares and special souvenirs!

So… yeah! We’re doing this tonight! Limo! Three Haunted Houses! AND… free beer!! Sounds absolutely awesome. Also, we know a couple people in the cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I have my camera ready to go. I can’t wait! I am leaving work in about 15 minutes. Then I pick David up at 3, and we head out to Menomonee Falls to get the limo. They said we should be back by 11 tonight. The only bad part is having to get up for work tomorrow after a limo full of free beer. But oh well, it’ll be worth it.

I will be sure to share pictures! I hear it’s supposed to be scary and stormy tonight. I couldn’t think of a better time to travel across the state in a limo. Thanks 102.1!!

Wedding Photo Story

October 17, 2007

I went to a wedding this past weekend. I was looking forward to this for a long time because the reception was being held that the Milwaukee Public Museum. So cool!

My sister was in town this weekend too. So much to do! So little time! David and I had lunch with my dad and sisters before the wedding. All dressed up. At Saz’s.

Surprisingly, we didn’t spill anything on our fancy clothes. And I ate ribs. With my fingers! (Side note- I LOVE Saz’s ribs. Even more when I don’t have to pay for them.)

Then, with our stomachs full of delicious food, we sped off to the ceremony. It was at this cute little church in Tosa. We walk in and the groom greets us. He looked so clean! And nervous. He called us his Dave-and-Tasha-in-law. Which seems like a demotion to me, but whatever.

Even Jesus and his last supper buddies came to watch.

We take our seats, squeezing into the row with all our friends. I sit next to David’s friend Jac, who I’ve never seen looking so dapper!

The wedding starts, after some difficulties unrolling the aisle runner. The bridesmaids all chose their own styles of apple red dresses:

Check out the tattoos on the Maid of Honor!

The bride had both parents walk her down the aisle. I think I started crying here.

The groom is one of those joking types. He always cracks inappropriate jokes at inappropriate times. That’s the way he is. I was surprised at how sincere his vows were. It made me cry again. It was really a beautiful wedding.

Red is a great bridesmaid dress color.

 Impromptu receiving line.

David’s sister was one of the bridesmaids. She asked if I could help decorate the reception site. This is normally a job I’d love to help out with. Unfortunately, I was given almost no information of how it was to be decorated. Nevertheless, I said yes.

Especially since there was enough time for me to stop off for a beer:
  Sunset Wheat. An acceptable replacement for the deliciousness that is Summer Shandy.

Don’t get too drunk. We have decorating to do.

Oh, the decorating. It wasn’t difficult. But there wasn’t enough STUFF. There were 13 tables. We had 11 vases and 12 bunches of flowers. And an odd amount of candle holders. We called some friends to bring vases and when the bridesmaids showed up, we used their bouquets. The tables ended up looking like this:

Except for one. I sat at that table along with some bridesmaids and friends. We didn’t mind not having candles.

Then there were the placecards. They were not in any kind of order. So we alphabetized about 100 cards. That was not fun.

The reception was on the second floor and we had free rein. Including the special exhibits. Thanks to me! I’ll explain… When Abbie (the bride) got there, she was surprised that the main doors to the exhibits weren’t open. The ones to the Egypt exhibit were, but they were kind of hidden.

I found the museum’s event manager and asked her about this. She said that part of the special exhibit wasn’t in the contract, or so she thought. I asked her if she could double check. She did. Turns out that part of the exhibit hall (Samson Remembered) wasn’t in the contract. But she told me she’d go ahead and open it anyway. Go me 🙂

The reception was fun and fantastic and free beer is always a good thing. David and I made out in the Egyptian exhibit for a while. Good times.

Overall it was a fun night. I like helping out with wedding details, but to be thrown into something like this was a little crazy. Fortunately David was with me and understands a little bit of what has to happen to pull off a wedding. That’s a good thing for when we start planning everything.

And to complete the night, I met up with some friends on Water St and we hung out at Tequila Rita’s and chatted away. I also introduced them to X-Rated Fusion Liquor:


Lunchtime Shopping

October 16, 2007

Shopping on my lunch break is one of my favorite activities. I also don’t indulge often because I have no money. Today I had to, though, in honor of my burgeoning Halloween costume. I got my pseudo-gloves in the mail yesterday from E-Bay. That was FAST! I also spent a lot of time staring at my computer screen, studying pictures and some YouTube clips, trying to understand the Bellatrix costume.

 I have some ideas of how to make what I have look more real, so I hit up JoAnn’s Fabrics at lunch today. I bought a couple yards of black fabric- a crushed velvet and a sheer, sparkly, stiff chiffon. I also bought some black cord. I am ready to create!

JoAnn’s happens to be near Sally Beauty Supply. I love that place. I was sick of random bobby pins all over my bathroom. So I bought a bigass tub of bobby pins. 300 of them. SWEEEEET! I also bought black hairspray.

I have yet to work on THE HAIR. I’m thinking I will wash it and braid it into a million tiny braids while it’s still wet. Then brush it out when it’s dry. That should give me the appropriate ‘fro. The problem is, I’d ideally like to do this on Friday night. But I work Saturday morning. I will have to debate coming in to work looking like a tool. I might just do it. Fortunately, only two other people will be here. And I just have to sit at my desk.

I can’t wait to put it all together and take some pictures!

Weekend Woes

October 15, 2007

I had a fantastic weekend! I might write about some of it once I have some pictures to post, but I have to lament the way it ended for a moment…

David and I watched the Packer game with my dad and sisters and played some WII. We left around 4:30. We had separate cars and I soon get a call from him saying he has to take his mom to the emergency room. She had a small cut on her hand that wouldn’t stop bleeding. Since about 8:00 that morning.

His mom has a LOT of medical problems. And mental problems. She has diabetes, she on anti-psychotic medications, and she’s had strokes. Those are just the highlights. Usually his dad deals with her medical concerns, but he left at 5 AM for a week long vacation. And this is how it starts for us.

 She visits the emergency room a lot. Most of the time it’s unnecessary. But this time she was right. A normal person’s blood thin-ness (for lack of medical knowledge) is 1 or 2. High (thin) is 3. Her was at an 8.1. WOW. They ran lots of tests and when all was said is done, they amputated her arm.

No, just kidding. That’s what she said to me on the phone though, when they were done! She still has a wicked sense of humor at times. Anyway, they didn’t get home until 9. Which spoiled our lovey-dovey-cuddle-on-the-couch-and-watch-a-movie plans.

And now I just heard that he is leaving work early to take her to the doctor this afternoon because she is not doing well. Which, like, totally ruins our work out plans.

I kid, I kid.

Don’t worry, I’m not really that selfish or petty. The thing is, I know she’ll be fine. I’ve seen a LOT worse in the past couple of years. No one is very concerned about this little hiccup in her health. It’s just totally ironic that it happens within hours of his dad leaving town.

 Oooh! Funny David’s-mom story! She called on Saturday and left a message for me. I could tell from what she said that she was going to ask about Christmas presents. I was trying to think of something cheap and easy to tell her. Otherwise she spends lots of money (that she doesn’t have) on stuff we don’t want or need.

I forgot to call her back, but I saw her later that night. She came up to me and here’s how the conversation went:

HER: Natasha, for your Christmas present, do you want a T-Shirt or a book?
ME:Ohhh, I think a book would be nice!
HER: Okay. What book?
ME: <Speechless>
HER: Think about it and get back to me.

I thought about saying “Nevermind! The T-Shirt!” but I have a feeling the response then would have been “Okay. What T-shirt?” Funny.

Costume Start

October 11, 2007

So I’m still slowly realizing that I can write about any little random thing I want. Because really, who cares? It’s not like anyone who peeks in at this is going to be disappointed if they don’t see some masterpiece of writing about important events. I mean, it’s a BLOG.

So, my random news is that I went to Goodwill on my lunch break today to look for a start to my Bellatrix costume. I found it! It’s perfect! Well, not perfectbut as close as I could hope. I went looking for a long, low cut, black dress. Preferably a tank style. I found just that. It has spaghetti straps, but it’s long and it fits. I expected to find NOTHING, so this is quite a victory. And it cost less than $6 after tax!

It looks similar to this, but long:

 I also bought some “Dark Mark” tattoos off E-Bay:

And I have my eye on some fingerless/gauntlet gloves on there too. I’m going to buy them tomorrow when I get paid:

All in all, I’m trying to look like this:

So I think I’m on the right track. See my Halloween post below for another picture. I’m really excited to have a start on this. I think I will do some hair experimenting this weekend. That looks like the most fun!

More Than Meets The Eye

October 10, 2007

I saw Transformers on Monday evening. Um… What? Maybe it’s just that I missed the boat on watching/playing with Transformers when I was young, but WOW I thought it was a bad movie.

There were some redeeming qualities, but the bad parts were SO bad. Like the writing…

Optimus Prime: With the Allspark gone, we cannot return life to our planet. And fate has yielded its reward: a new world to call home. We live among its people now, hiding in plain sight, but watching over them in secret, waiting, protecting. I have witnessed their capacity for courage, and though we are worlds apart, like us, there’s more to them than meets the eye. I am Optimus Prime, and I send this message to any surviving Autobots taking refuge among the stars: we are here, we are waiting.


Ironhide: [brandishing large cannons] Parents are irritating… Can I take ’em out?
Optimus Prime: Ironhide, you know we don’t harm humans! What’s with you?
Ironhide: I know, I’m just saying we could… it’s an option…

LAME. I think I maybe would have liked it if it were just an hour and a half or so. But two and a half hours?! Wow. I know a lot of people liked it, so maybe I was just not enough of an 80’s child to truly appreciate it. Even though my best friend was a boy, I don’t remember ever playing with Transformers. I must have lived a sad life.


October 8, 2007

Tragedy. Here and here.

I can’t really write anything intelligent on what happened. I just can’t imagine what their family and friends are dealing with. I’ve already cried about this five times today. And I don’t even know any of them.

 I guess I just had to write something about it. Just to acknowledge the victims and their families. Every time something like this happens, I fear for my own life and the lives of those I love.

I think the part that makes me want to curl up into a ball and sob is the age of the victims. And the shooter for that matter. No one was even 21 yet. Some of them were still in high school. One was a freshman. They had their entire lives in front of them. They had hopes and dreams. I include the gunman in this category. He did something evil, but I also feel sad for him and his family.

 I can only imagine he was in a lot of pain before, during, and after this event. I only he wish he hadn’t chosen this route- a path that has made so many other people feel even more pain.

 I can’t really say much else. I just wish with all my heart that no one would have to suffer like the victims, the gunman, or the families. My thoughts and prayers are with the citizens of that little town.