Customer Service Appreciation Week

Is anyone else in the midst of celebrating this at work? My department is, and let me tell you, it has been terrible for my waistline. Terrible! There has been so much food around all week. It makes me dizzy to think about the amount of sugar I’ve ingested.

 There is a gigantic bowl of Halloween-size candy right next to the printer that I use 100s of times a day. That has been there since Monday and it keeps getting refilled. Snickers and Milky Way and Twix… Mmmmm.

My entire department was rewarded with Mama Mia’s lasagna on Tuesday for lunch. And garlic bread. If you have not had either of these things, I urge you to do so at the next available opportunity. It is so good. So good, in fact, that I had two huge pieces. And had some of the leftovers for lunch on Wednesday. Wednesday… when there was a big Hershey’s bar left on everyone’s keyboards in the morning.

Yesterday afternoon we got a quarter barrel of Sprecher Root Beer and vanilla ice cream. Root beer floats! One of my favorite things in the world.

Today there was Jimmy Johns for lunch. With big chewy chocolate chip cookies.

I am a little scared to come to work tomorrow.

I don’t want to go into too much information, but I feel it is necessary to add that this was a BAD WEEK of the month for me for this to line up with. BAD.


One Response to “Customer Service Appreciation Week”

  1. Sierra Says:

    I love Sprecher. Yum.

    I did not know about customer service appreciation week. Something tells me this is a good thing.

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