Tragedy. Here and here.

I can’t really write anything intelligent on what happened. I just can’t imagine what their family and friends are dealing with. I’ve already cried about this five times today. And I don’t even know any of them.

 I guess I just had to write something about it. Just to acknowledge the victims and their families. Every time something like this happens, I fear for my own life and the lives of those I love.

I think the part that makes me want to curl up into a ball and sob is the age of the victims. And the shooter for that matter. No one was even 21 yet. Some of them were still in high school. One was a freshman. They had their entire lives in front of them. They had hopes and dreams. I include the gunman in this category. He did something evil, but I also feel sad for him and his family.

 I can only imagine he was in a lot of pain before, during, and after this event. I only he wish he hadn’t chosen this route- a path that has made so many other people feel even more pain.

 I can’t really say much else. I just wish with all my heart that no one would have to suffer like the victims, the gunman, or the families. My thoughts and prayers are with the citizens of that little town.


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