Weekend Woes

I had a fantastic weekend! I might write about some of it once I have some pictures to post, but I have to lament the way it ended for a moment…

David and I watched the Packer game with my dad and sisters and played some WII. We left around 4:30. We had separate cars and I soon get a call from him saying he has to take his mom to the emergency room. She had a small cut on her hand that wouldn’t stop bleeding. Since about 8:00 that morning.

His mom has a LOT of medical problems. And mental problems. She has diabetes, she on anti-psychotic medications, and she’s had strokes. Those are just the highlights. Usually his dad deals with her medical concerns, but he left at 5 AM for a week long vacation. And this is how it starts for us.

 She visits the emergency room a lot. Most of the time it’s unnecessary. But this time she was right. A normal person’s blood thin-ness (for lack of medical knowledge) is 1 or 2. High (thin) is 3. Her was at an 8.1. WOW. They ran lots of tests and when all was said is done, they amputated her arm.

No, just kidding. That’s what she said to me on the phone though, when they were done! She still has a wicked sense of humor at times. Anyway, they didn’t get home until 9. Which spoiled our lovey-dovey-cuddle-on-the-couch-and-watch-a-movie plans.

And now I just heard that he is leaving work early to take her to the doctor this afternoon because she is not doing well. Which, like, totally ruins our work out plans.

I kid, I kid.

Don’t worry, I’m not really that selfish or petty. The thing is, I know she’ll be fine. I’ve seen a LOT worse in the past couple of years. No one is very concerned about this little hiccup in her health. It’s just totally ironic that it happens within hours of his dad leaving town.

 Oooh! Funny David’s-mom story! She called on Saturday and left a message for me. I could tell from what she said that she was going to ask about Christmas presents. I was trying to think of something cheap and easy to tell her. Otherwise she spends lots of money (that she doesn’t have) on stuff we don’t want or need.

I forgot to call her back, but I saw her later that night. She came up to me and here’s how the conversation went:

HER: Natasha, for your Christmas present, do you want a T-Shirt or a book?
ME:Ohhh, I think a book would be nice!
HER: Okay. What book?
ME: <Speechless>
HER: Think about it and get back to me.

I thought about saying “Nevermind! The T-Shirt!” but I have a feeling the response then would have been “Okay. What T-shirt?” Funny.


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