Lunchtime Shopping

Shopping on my lunch break is one of my favorite activities. I also don’t indulge often because I have no money. Today I had to, though, in honor of my burgeoning Halloween costume. I got my pseudo-gloves in the mail yesterday from E-Bay. That was FAST! I also spent a lot of time staring at my computer screen, studying pictures and some YouTube clips, trying to understand the Bellatrix costume.

 I have some ideas of how to make what I have look more real, so I hit up JoAnn’s Fabrics at lunch today. I bought a couple yards of black fabric- a crushed velvet and a sheer, sparkly, stiff chiffon. I also bought some black cord. I am ready to create!

JoAnn’s happens to be near Sally Beauty Supply. I love that place. I was sick of random bobby pins all over my bathroom. So I bought a bigass tub of bobby pins. 300 of them. SWEEEEET! I also bought black hairspray.

I have yet to work on THE HAIR. I’m thinking I will wash it and braid it into a million tiny braids while it’s still wet. Then brush it out when it’s dry. That should give me the appropriate ‘fro. The problem is, I’d ideally like to do this on Friday night. But I work Saturday morning. I will have to debate coming in to work looking like a tool. I might just do it. Fortunately, only two other people will be here. And I just have to sit at my desk.

I can’t wait to put it all together and take some pictures!


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