Wedding Photo Story

I went to a wedding this past weekend. I was looking forward to this for a long time because the reception was being held that the Milwaukee Public Museum. So cool!

My sister was in town this weekend too. So much to do! So little time! David and I had lunch with my dad and sisters before the wedding. All dressed up. At Saz’s.

Surprisingly, we didn’t spill anything on our fancy clothes. And I ate ribs. With my fingers! (Side note- I LOVE Saz’s ribs. Even more when I don’t have to pay for them.)

Then, with our stomachs full of delicious food, we sped off to the ceremony. It was at this cute little church in Tosa. We walk in and the groom greets us. He looked so clean! And nervous. He called us his Dave-and-Tasha-in-law. Which seems like a demotion to me, but whatever.

Even Jesus and his last supper buddies came to watch.

We take our seats, squeezing into the row with all our friends. I sit next to David’s friend Jac, who I’ve never seen looking so dapper!

The wedding starts, after some difficulties unrolling the aisle runner. The bridesmaids all chose their own styles of apple red dresses:

Check out the tattoos on the Maid of Honor!

The bride had both parents walk her down the aisle. I think I started crying here.

The groom is one of those joking types. He always cracks inappropriate jokes at inappropriate times. That’s the way he is. I was surprised at how sincere his vows were. It made me cry again. It was really a beautiful wedding.

Red is a great bridesmaid dress color.

 Impromptu receiving line.

David’s sister was one of the bridesmaids. She asked if I could help decorate the reception site. This is normally a job I’d love to help out with. Unfortunately, I was given almost no information of how it was to be decorated. Nevertheless, I said yes.

Especially since there was enough time for me to stop off for a beer:
  Sunset Wheat. An acceptable replacement for the deliciousness that is Summer Shandy.

Don’t get too drunk. We have decorating to do.

Oh, the decorating. It wasn’t difficult. But there wasn’t enough STUFF. There were 13 tables. We had 11 vases and 12 bunches of flowers. And an odd amount of candle holders. We called some friends to bring vases and when the bridesmaids showed up, we used their bouquets. The tables ended up looking like this:

Except for one. I sat at that table along with some bridesmaids and friends. We didn’t mind not having candles.

Then there were the placecards. They were not in any kind of order. So we alphabetized about 100 cards. That was not fun.

The reception was on the second floor and we had free rein. Including the special exhibits. Thanks to me! I’ll explain… When Abbie (the bride) got there, she was surprised that the main doors to the exhibits weren’t open. The ones to the Egypt exhibit were, but they were kind of hidden.

I found the museum’s event manager and asked her about this. She said that part of the special exhibit wasn’t in the contract, or so she thought. I asked her if she could double check. She did. Turns out that part of the exhibit hall (Samson Remembered) wasn’t in the contract. But she told me she’d go ahead and open it anyway. Go me 🙂

The reception was fun and fantastic and free beer is always a good thing. David and I made out in the Egyptian exhibit for a while. Good times.

Overall it was a fun night. I like helping out with wedding details, but to be thrown into something like this was a little crazy. Fortunately David was with me and understands a little bit of what has to happen to pull off a wedding. That’s a good thing for when we start planning everything.

And to complete the night, I met up with some friends on Water St and we hung out at Tequila Rita’s and chatted away. I also introduced them to X-Rated Fusion Liquor:



2 Responses to “Wedding Photo Story”

  1. Sierra Says:

    1. You look so pretty!
    2. I LOVE X-RATED! Oh my gosh, yum!

  2. Erin Says:

    That’s what I came on here to say, Sierra. You’re hot!!

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