Holiday Punch

“Holiday Punch” is the title of the show director Dale Gutzman has been doing for years and years. Every holiday season for possibly the last 30 years, he has put on this show. It could best be described as a variety or sketch comedy show. He writes it fresh every year. It is kind of a “year in review.” Lots of poking fun at politicians and scandals and current trends. It’s usually offensive and always hilarious.

This year is no exception.

I got a script for it yesterday! It’s kind of an honor to be asked to do this show, so I am thrilled to be doing it for the second year in a row. I plan to really work hard at my little parts. These include a belly dancing girl on the game show “Delhi or New Delhi,” a lesbian prison girl, and well, myself.

Myself… in underwear.

Fortunately, I just started the South Beach Diet on Friday. I am doing well on it so far. No cheating! I even went out for Mexican food with David’s family to celebrate his mom’s birthday. And I didn’t cheat. Even though there were baskets of tortilla chips in front of me and lots of Mexican rice on my plate. AND even though everyone came back to our house for PIE. Fortunately it was sugar free, so David and I shared a small piece and ate just the filling.

So my goal was to lose 20 pounds by January. Dear GOD I hope I can do that. I plan to work out every day and hopefully that will help me out.

The thing that is making me not curl up under my desk and die at the thought of being on stage in underwear is that underwear could also mean a slip. I can handle that. I just don’t want my thighs jiggling on stage for everyone to see. Or, since it’s Holiday Punch, it could mean funny underwear. Like a girdle. I could handle that.

We open December 14th and start rehearsals next Monday! Visit for more info. And to order tickets. We always sell out, so buy ahead of time if you want to come.

My break from theater (all two months of it!!) was well worth it. Because I am actually excited to start rehearsals!


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