Posting on a Saturday?

This MUST mean I have no life!

No, it’s just to share another theater tidbit. I found these You Tube clips thanks to Andrew’s Blog (Leaf Coneybear in Spelling Bee!) I thought I’d share them. They’re from the new Disney musical The Little Mermaid. I definitely want to see it. The costume is a little… interesting. Compared to some of the spectacle Disney does, I kind of thought there would be more. It’s a very simplistic approach to the mermaid dilemma.

Then again, Disney did a similar thing to The Lion King by still letting the human through the costumes:

I think Disney actually made the same assumption for TLM as they did for TLK- this is a theatrical show. You can generally expect a theater audience to be able to “fill in the blanks” and use their imagination to really SEE the show. I think that’s a good thing. Besides, I heard they made Tarzan a total spectacle, and look how well that turned out.

So here is the video of Ariel singing “Part of Your World.” She has a killer belt on the end.

You can also check these clips out: The Reprise and Poor Unfortunate Souls.

Another cool thing, according to the Internet Broadway Database King Triton is being played by Norm Lewis, who we saw last year as Javert in Les Miserables. He is a big black man, and let’s face it, King Triton should always be played by a big black man.

Little Mermaid makes it’s Broadway debut in December.


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