Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist!

I found out a little clarification on the dilemma of wearing underwear on stage in my latest show. It can be whatever “underwear” I want. As much as I’d love to be the sassy looking one in flirty undergarments, I know I just can’t do it. Especially since there’s someone in the cast who can. I’m going to go the silly route.  I’m thinking a tank top or cami and some ridiculous underwear.

My “character” in the show is me, but dumber and Iranian-er. There are numerous terrorist and Muslim jokes, so I decided to base my costume on that. I want to start things off on the right foot so no one is offended by these jokes.

Thanks to CafePress.com I have WAY too many options to choose from. Here are my top contenders right now:



 Derka Derka

So… Any opinions? I think they’re all funny. I’m just hoping to set the tone.

As for my bottoms, I’m deciding between a couple options as well. Perhaps a crazy petticoat? My silly ruffled black underwear. Or maybe these:

Too funny!

Or maybe I’ll give it all up and just wear a girdle. That would be HOT.


One Response to “Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist!”

  1. gloria Says:

    Cool shirts thanks for the post.

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