Have I mentioned yet that I’m going to THAILAND in February? I can barely talk about it because I’m so excited and nervous and it makes me want to cry just thinking about. I feel like every vein could just burst over getting this opportunity.



42 Responses to “Thailand”

  1. Sierra Says:

    Sooooooooo Jealous! I can fit in a suitcase, right???

  2. eviemarie Says:

    Have Fun!!

  3. Bria Says:

    OH MY GOD!!! THAT IS SOOOO GREAT!! you better have so much fun your brain explodes!!

  4. Danielle Says:

    hahahahha im here nowwwww

  5. Danielle Says:

    btw it looks nothing like those pictures

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve been to Thailand twice and have been to both places in the two photos. Thailand looks even better than these photos. The second photo is Ko Phi Phi Le Island. It is where Leonardo Dicaprio filmed The Beach. It is gorgeous. You are not allowed to stay overnight on it due to birds nesting in the cliffs and nests that are gathered for birds nest soup. The nests are more valuable than gold. But you can stay on the island next to it, Ko Phi Phi Dom. Then you can take a day trip to this other island for about $7-10 US. The weather is great in February on this island and this part of Thailand. It has a window of 4-5 months, the rest of the time it rains hard on this island.

  7. stevo Says:

    too many tourists a ruining this place

  8. Revolution 2058 Says:

    And I’m going for x-mass thanks for the great picture, it will keep me visualize it till than !!!

  9. Tony Says:

    How was your trip to Thailand????

  10. katie Says:

    is that phuket? or ko phi phi? what an awesome picture!


  11. Shahbaz Khan Says:

    Hey, Im going to bangkok again in APRIL..
    Went to Phuket too..

    Poeple i need a favour, plz suggest the most scenic places (preferably beaches) in thailand and also inform abt the route/cost from bangkok since thatll be my main entry point!

  12. Bill Says:

    You will love it, the people are awesome and they have just about everything anyone could want.

  13. John Says:


    Where was this pic taken?

  14. Amy Says:

    just thought i would
    leave a comment
    i actually love thailand 🙂
    been there about 9 times
    as im half thai =)
    Hua Hin is great especially if you like horse riding
    Chang Mai and Phuket and Cha am
    are lovely
    havent been to any of the island yet 😦
    but am going next time !

  15. Hayley tole Says:

    it makes me think of the time me and sandra got married.

  16. SeMpLiCeMeNtE__iO__ Says:

    ora lì c’è la persona ke in questo momento mi ha fatto girare la testa…precisamente si trova a bangkok…x motivi personali…mi maki tantissimo e spero ke lì ti trovi bene ma nn trp!un bacio enorme…spero ke passi x qst sito thailandese

  17. ots Says:

    ive been there so many times. like to many, its great, like so many and like over a million and 1. its amazing. organsim

  18. Alex Says:

    Can you please tell me what the weather is like in Thailand during the June/July months?

    Also, can you recommend any good resorts for young couples which are close to the Ko Phi Phi Le island (the one where “The Beach” was filmed?)

  19. Alex Says:

    please reply to my above entry at

    Any advice is much appreciated.


  20. lol Says:

    i love thailand. it’s sooooo pretty. we have students come from thailand ‘exchange students’ . lol. they r staying for three weeks. “

  21. canny Says:

    I am planning to go thailand but i have no information about it i will come from kuwait i want nice places and beaches to know also please tell me how much money u need for good trip in thailand excluding shopping and ticket.

  22. Lotta Says:

    I LOVE THAILAND…………..we was there this year…080227-080325…LOVELY!
    We been in Cha-am,Bankok, Koh Chang and Koh samet….
    Top List:
    1.Koh Samet
    2.Koh Chang
    3.Cha-am and Bangkok
    But Koh samet is the best….

  23. Baby Says:

    Thailand is very very nice and beutiful.The peolple there are so kind and kind.
    THe best time is dec-feb its raing in some places now.
    I dont think that im going to any places other then Thailand….

  24. Pa pa Says:

    The second picture looks like Halong Bay of Vietnam. It seems to me that Vietnam is more beautiful than Thailand.

  25. Alex F Says:

    I am in Thailand on the 6th of april living in working in Ang Thong central thailand just north of bangkok. Never been to Thailand before and i know most people go to the coast but i wanted to do it a little different. If anybody is out near there during the following months and want to meet for a bit of an adventure add me on msn

  26. Medz Says:

    hey x well i can go to Thailand whenever i like, as my step mom is thai .

    im going there soon && im REALLY looking forward to it

    i’ve heard its the best country yet..

    ii mean come on have u heard how hot it is?

    yh its gr8 it gets higher then 28Co how GOOD! x

  27. thj Says:

    dat look awesum

  28. swt Says:

    I’ve been to Thailand 2 years ago and I fell in love with it. To be honest with you I had difficult time picking another place to travel to. Thailand is so rich of untouched beauty and people are sooooo wonderful it is hard to find a place to travel where you can get all that and more…. However, I was disappointed when stayed in Bangkok. Too busy, polluted, dirty, expensive and people I thought were less educated and arrogant. Anyway, I will most definitely visit Thailand again but never Bangkok, that’s for sure. I stayed in Phuket, Rawai Beach area and I felt that I was in paradise and that’s one of the places I could retire and spend the rest of my life.
    You are going to have a great time and will want to go back to visit, believe me. 🙂

  29. billy Says:

    omg omg this place is amazing and it is like a dream come true i love you wafi and ben and thanks for giving me a special 1 nighta

  30. Chris Says:

    I’m going to thailand for a month in 14 days!!!

  31. nick Says:

    I have been to Thailand every 2-3 months for the last few years. i have a Thai girlfriend and we have been to some of the most beautiful places on earth there. I love Koh Chang, Koh Samet, Koh Phi Phi, Phuket and the notorious Pattaya. Bangkok aint too bad and Chang Mai has some nice places too.

  32. marianne Says:

    omg, i have been to thailand 4 times and its my fifth time this year and i am just as excited as i have been the 4 previous years. i keep getting asked why do i keep going back to the same place but my simple answer is nothing pulls me in like thailand does. I LOVE IT

  33. bion Says:

    im going to thailand august 15, cant wait i have a woman waiting for me there . any who has every been to thailand i need some help about bangkok, so please send me message,

  34. Bill Says:

    I have been to Thailand Numerous times and I am always impressed by the beauty of the beaches and temples. In Thailand you don’t have to be a great photographer to take good pictures. The pure beauty of your surroundings makes up for any problems.

  35. Katriya Says:

    OMG thailand is amasing . I went there last year with my family for the first time even though I’m half thai lol.
    You should go to Cha- am its brilliant – elephant rides are great fun and me and me brother went to a beautiful waterfull and swam under it !
    White water rafting is something you must try ouy to , I’m only 11 so don’t be scared to try it out .
    You’ll have an amasing time . Enjoy !!!

  36. usman Says:

    i love thailand

  37. taylan Says:

    this pic is a great place to be and this place is a place you will never forget

  38. krissie henley Says:

    just wondering if someone can give me some advice..?
    does anyone know what the weather is like from october to january in the phi phi islands at this time..?

  39. Lola Says:

    OMG you are going there?!?!?!!? All of you?? OMG it’s amazing! OMG amazing OMG you are going there! OMG!!!

  40. Dan Says:

    @ Krissie – That time on Phi Phi is the end of the rainy season (Oct) to the height of the High season (Dec). Weather wise it is better the close you get to December/January.

    @ LoLa OMGOMGOMG my keybaord has the same problem! Broken OMG butons 🙂

  41. Koh Chang Says:

    Koh Chang travel guides on koh chang ferries at Ao Thammachart and centre point ferry and laem ngob pier (wooden boat).

  42. Samui Island Weddings Says:

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    […]Thailand « Trashy Talk[…]…

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