A couple weekends ago I attended another wedding: Chris and Jenny. Chris went to school with David and he also plays piano for our theater. Because of this, there was a weird combination of crowds for me. My theater friends and David’s friends were both present. I have many different “worlds” of friends and they rarely collide. When they do, it always trips me out a little. It’s not that they don’t get along or I don’t want them to meet, it’s just that I always end up doing certain things with certain friends or seeing them in different places.

 Anyway, Chris and Jenny got married at the Hubbard Park Lodgein Shorewood. The location was totally cute.

Although it was a little tight in there for the ceremony and all the tables and chairs. I would guess they had a few more “YES” RSVPs than they expected.

The ceremony was beautiful. Chris’s uncle was the officiant and he was something of a comedian. It was still heartfelt and sweet, especially when they read their own vows. I totally cried.

The bridesmaids were stunning in black dresses with a simple bouquet of three HUGE calla lilies.

After the ceremony it was time for dinner. It was so delicious! First there was a salad with some sort of delicious garlic Parmesan dressing. The entree was chicken crusted in cashews (I think it was cashews) and some roasted vegetables. It was some of the best chicken I have ever had. It was so tender I barely needed a knife.

The servers came around and poured everyone champagne and there was a toast. Instead of clinking glasses to get the bride and groom to kiss, they wanted the guests to sing. Chris and Jenny met in a pit orchestra for a musical and all the tables were named after musicals. The guests were supposed to sing a song from their table’s musical. This sounds cheesy, and it was, but it actually worked really well. There were two tables of “theater folk” and some of us ended up walking around to all the tables to help them sing one of their songs. (Not me, unfortunately, since I was sick and had no voice.) It was pretty amusing. Surprisingly enough Chris and Jenny were into it the whole time.

(I apologize for the terrible picture quality.)

Then there was cake and a coffee bar. The cake was SOOO good. I need to find out who they used. I love cake pretty much more than anything in the world, and this didn’t disappoint. There was lots of extra, so I got two pieces. YUM!

They had a small jazz band after dinner and cleared away some of the tables for dancing. We didn’t stay as long as we wished we could, mostly because of being sick. That was lame.

Here are some other fun and funny pictures of the evening:

Oh, did I forget to mention we coordinated dress and tie? We’re biiiig geeks that way.

You can check out the rest of the pictures on my Shutterfly site.


One Response to “Wedding!”

  1. MK Says:

    I love the Hubbard Park Lodge and that cake looks amazing.

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