I Am Disillusioned

I went to Fresh Market on my lunch break today. I was going to buy a sandwich for lunch and a loaf of bread for dinner and this weekend. I have noticed that Fresh Market pales in comparison to Whole Foods and Outpost when it comes to true natural foods. I’ve accepted that, however, because it’s close to my work.

Now I am upset, though. I spent 15 minutes trying to find a loaf of bread that DIDN’T contain any partially hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup. I couldn’t. EVERY bread on their shelf contained HFCS. I was stunned. I finally found some over in the bakery that was Trans Fat and HFCS free, but COME ON! That made me angry.

 I am also angry that my December is so busy that I have only one time to go out and celebrate my birthday (ie-drink with friends). That time is tomorrow night. From 9-12. And so far no one can come. At least not right at 9. So that blows. I don’t mind going out to Sake-Tumi with David and then meeting a couple people for drinks later, but I was hoping for a big fun gathering, and now that can’t happen. It’s my own fault, but COME ON.

I am moody. Can you tell? I also had a ME ME ME breakdown last night after rehearsal. There was one girl in her underwear already. She’s cute and is in good shape. And was wearing some incredibly trashy underwear. I didn’t like it. For one, I think it will detract from the humor of the show, and secondly I was jealous that I didn’t look like that nor do I have the confidence to do that. So I whined to David for a good half hour. He listened and then told me those root causes of why I was so upset. It felt better to understand.

But I’m still frustrated. I’m so busy this weekend and I still haven’t decorated for Christmas.


  • Get up, go to Brady St to buy some SPANX so I can suck myself in for the show.
  • 3:00- Go see David in the church play that he is in.
  • 4:30- Get some food together.
  • 5:30- Drop him back off at the church and then go to a friend’s Christmas Party
  • 8:00- Go back home and change for dinner and drinks
  • 8:30- Drive back out to Whitefish Bay to pick David up
  • 9:00- Dinner at Sake-Tumi and then on to drinking and dancing


  • Get up, bring down Christmas decorations and watch the Packer game
  • 3:00- David has another show at the church
  • 5:30- Rehearsal for Holiday Punch

Then all week we have dress rehearsals for our opening on Friday. My birthday is on Tuesday. I don’t even know if or when I’ll be able to have dinner with my parents. Fun stuff.

Whew, that felt good to get all that out. Thank you blog.


One Response to “I Am Disillusioned”

  1. WD Says:

    Aw, that sucks! We’ll totally hang out this weekend and celebrate together.

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