It’s Opening Night!

Opening night…
It’s opening night!
It’s Max Bialystock’s latest show
Will it flop or will it go?
The cast is taking its final bow
Here comes the audience now
The doors are open: they’re on their way…
Let’s hear what they have to say!

That’s right! It’s opening night! I must admit I’m pretty excited. We’ve been rehearsing for almost a month now, and it’s getting pretty boring not having an audience. It’s hard to keep the high energy and just guessing what is funny when there’s no audience. That is the best part about performing.

I heard a rumor that we will have a reviewer there tonight! I’m not keeping my hopes up, though, because this isn’t really the kind of show the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel likes to watch.

In other news, I got some fabulous presents for my birthday. David gave me a beautiful pearl ring. My mom gave me perfume, shoes, and a Coach purse. My dad gave me money. It was great! I have pictures of the ring that I’m waiting to upload. I doubt they’ll do it justice, though- it is SO beautiful!

This weekend I am finally decorating for Christmas! I am so sad it had to wait this long, but when I’m only at my house for about an hour every night (plus sleep) decorating just doesn’t happen. Neither do dishes. I hope David will help me clean this weekend. That would be great.

Visit Off The Wall Theatre for show information!


2 Responses to “It’s Opening Night!”

  1. Sierra Says:

    Break a leg!

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