I’m sure everyone is sick of reading about other people’s resolutions, but I just had to write mine down. I feel like last year was nonexistent. I had some good times, but it just seemed to go by so fast that I didn’t accomplish much. I didn’t get fired from my job. I didn’t move. I had a hilarious part in an awesome play at a theater that I don’t normally perform at. I took a real live grown up vacation with friends.

It obviously wasn’t a bad year. It’s just that I don’t really feel different than I did at the start of 2007. I’ve grown up a bit, but not as much as I feel like I should have. I think I’ll always be a kid at heart, but I wanted to take some adult action and really get my life in order. Maybe 2008 is the year…

  1. Lose weight, get healthy. This was a resolution last year that never quite worked. I am more determined this year and I have David in the same boat. We have a better understanding of what works for us and we have more motivation. We are re-starting South Beach as of this weekend and working out 3 or 4 times per week. I might start going on my lunch break again, as well. My ultimate goal is to lose 50 pounds. That would thrill me. However, I hope to lose and keep off at least 30 this year.
  2. Stick to a budget and get out of debt!My credit card debt has wavered up and down for the past couple of years. And now it is at an all time high. I was down to almost zero after college. Then David had knee surgery and couldn’t work and it went back up. Then I opened another one to go to New York, saying I would pay it all off when I got back. Didn’t happen. Then I opened another one to transfer balances to a 0% apr, saying that I would pay it off before it starting accumulating interest. Didn’t happen. We got into a car accident last February that totalled our car and forced us to get a new one- which meant a car payment, which we weren’t dealing with before, plus insurance. I have drafted a budget for myself and I really hope to stick to it. By this budget, I will be thisclose to being debt free by the end of the year. I have wedding motivation for this. I can’t save or pay for a wedding with tons of credit card debt.
  3. Be more organized! This is kind of a broad one. I really want my place of residence to feel like a home. To me, this means keeping up on laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc. I don’t want it to look like a college dorm anymore. I live in a beautiful old duplex that has so much potential. I want to keep it clean and do some home decorating. I also want to keep my schedule straight. I don’t want any more of my common thought- “Wait… what are we doing on Saturday? Didn’t we have something going on?”

Those are the big three. They all boil down to one thing, however- Motivation. I have a major motivation problem. I feel like I never have enough time to do everything, and so it seems that I don’t even try. Or that things are too hard, like losing weight. I am really going to try to push myself to be the best ME that I can be. It’s easier to do it now than 5 years down the road.

My fear of my resolutions- Money means so much in this world. Eating healthy requires more money than eating mac and cheese or pasta every night. Our gym membership costs money. How about gas to get to the club or energy to wash our gym clothes. Organizing costs money too. My house is a bit of a disaster and I know I need to buy some organizational tools to give it an overhaul. Money, money, money. And I want to save and pay of debt as much as possible. But I still want to have fun and enjoy myself. It’s going to be a tricky balance, but I am going to put real effort into finding it.


6 Responses to “Resolutions”

  1. cristina Says:

    i, like most people in the world, have suffered the famous gym membershipitis. you get the membership, paying up the wazoo, and hope hope hope to keep up with it. it is tough. so, you can have fun, be active, and not pay so much up the wazoo (it’s just easier in summer). i propose, because almost everyone we know is in the same boat, we try to organize more outings. that way you can still have fun and socialize, but it won’t always be so eating and drinking focused. we can go ice skating at red arrow (which is much prettier than pettit and free if you have skates), have a snow volleyball game, go snowshoeing (i have a free rental at urban ecology center, and snowshoe jogging is quite possibly the most tiring thing i have ever done), there is always sledding, but with a big ginormous hill to climb back up, we can even do capture the flag winter style. after all that, warm up with tea instead of hot chocolate and you will be doing your body a double helping of health. so there is my resolution to your resolution. i will even volunteer my place as a club house (which will help me with my resolution – to get my place in gear).

  2. tashamort Says:

    Cristina, you rock! It is SO hard in the winter. But your activities sound like fun! You know that hill behind the domes? That hill is a workout to get back up. Capture the flag would be cool. Snowshoe jogging scares me a little bit, but I’m in! I like your ideas. Let’s do something! This weekend?

  3. WD Says:

    Want to free up money? Cut back on the $10+ martinis and eat at home more often. You’re welcome.

  4. tashamort Says:

    You forgot to mention that will make me less fat too. TIA!

  5. cristina Says:

    I don’t know who WD is, but they sure got a wicked tongue.
    Though I am full of good ideas I am full of bad schedules. This weekend I am working all night at the theater, and literally all day Saturday and Sunday, however, there may be a bowling expedition after work Saturday night (like 9ish). I could just start keeping a Friday night a month free of the Oriental. 18th? 25th? preference?

  6. Erin Says:

    Good luck with your resolutions, girl!

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