Free Time

Free time is sometimes a foreign concept to me. I was going to try to write an entry to share all my Polar Bearing pictures while at work. Then I remembered that I have NOTHING to do tonight. I am going to hang out at home. I think I might bake some cupcakes. I bought Nutella yesterday and I think I will turn it into a frosting. I might update my blog. I might edit more of my photos. I might play around with Photoshop. I might play Sims. I might watch TV.

The possibilities are endless. It has been so long since I’ve been able to take a night for myself. And it really will be for myself, since David is going to a concert. I could even watch those trashy TV shows that he hates…

 Of course now that I say this, I want to go out dancing or something. I might be doing that tomorrow, however, so tonight I will just enjoy my own company. Hallelujah!


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