Iran Continued


I found my dad’s pictures of Iran online. He has only been back once in almost 30 years. He and his brother went back in 2006. He stayed for two weeks, I think. I just wanted to share some of his pictures. You can also visit the whole Shutterfly photo album HERE.

I don’t know what relation the woman on the left is (I think she might be my dad’s aunt) but I think the woman in the middle is my great grandmother and the woman on the right is my grandmother, who has come to visit us here many times, although I haven’t seen her in several years.

From the left: My uncle Bahram (who currently lives in Virginia), my father, and my grandfather:

Downtown Ardabil, the city where my dad was born:

The Persian Gulf (it looks especially beautiful to me right now. I would love to be lounging there right now):

Most of Iran is covered in mountains. Can you imagine the skiing?:

In fact, Tehran is completely surrounded by mountains:

Breakfast (Mmm, seeing this makes me hungry. That bread is so good):

Aside from mountains, the bodies of water in and around Iran are plentiful. Here is my dad and grandpa by the Caspian Sea:


2 Responses to “Iran Continued”

  1. zahra Says:

    very nice pictures 🙂
    nice to meet you blog thanks

  2. milwaukeebuckeye Says:

    That beach picture is absolutely beautiful. Really made me wish I wasn’t sitting in an office in Wisconsin right now, that’s for sure!

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