I’m still talking? I guess so…

David and I went to DSW yesterday after work. He was looking for shoes he could wear to work. I was kind of looking for some brown shoes that I could wear with this cute brown corduroy skirt my mom got me for Christmas. I have brown sandals, but nothing that was winter acceptable. I couldn’t spend a lot of money, however.

Fortunately, DSW is having a giant clearance sale. I have very particular shoe taste, at least when it comes to actually buying. I’ll oooh and ahhh over every shoe on display, but when it comes to purchasing it really needs to be something special. I’m rarely able to find something in the clearance piles that meets my standards.

Yesterday, I did, however. I found a simple pair of brown heels, crossed between sandals and pumps, but with a closed toe. They were about 50% off (originally $50). Sweet! But I really hit the jackpot when we went to the register. They didn’t ring up at 50% off. Oh no, they were 80% off! They ended up being about $10! Unbelievable. I felt like I had won the lottery, just a little bit. Rock!

They kind of look like this, but dark brown and with a closed heel and not wedges:


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