Carb Craving

What I wouldn’t give for a big doughnut or bagel right now. Or pretty much anything chewy and sweet and starchy. Like a cookie. Or some cake. That would be good.

I’m trying to be strong. I resisted a cupcake last night.

I had a dance class last night. It wasn’t your typical dance class, however. Unless your typical dance class involves poles. That’s right- I jumped on the current “fitness class” bandwagon. I’m taking a pole dancing class. Did I really pay money for this? Yes I did.

And I am so incredibly sore right now. Which means it works, right? I have a nasty looking bruise on my knee and my arms are so sore I can barely answer my phone. Although I didn’t really sweat much, I’m sure I got a workout. It also confirmed what I was hoping- This is going to help with my upper arm strength (of which I have none), muscle tone (of which I have none), and flexibility (of which I have almost none).

Now if I can just keep up my YMCA cardio workouts, I could be on to a whole new me! Speaking of, I was planning on going for a quick workout on my lunch break. But considering I can barely bend my knee, perhaps it would be better to take the day off and resume tomorrow.

I will also have to start doing some strength building exercises because, quite frankly, I pretty much sucked at the fancy pole moves. You know who didn’t suck? My pole-partner-in-crime Kristie. She was also a master of lecherous facial expressions.

It was funny- As I was leaving, I said goodbye to David, and said I was nervous. He responded with “Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be great!” Really? You’re sure? Because pole dancing comes naturally to me?

Apparently it didn’t. But hey, it’s easy to practice, right? Oh wait, most people don’t have stripper poles in their homes. Friendly neighborhood jungle gym and playground equipment, here I come…


3 Responses to “Carb Craving”

  1. Harmony Says:

    lol- a pole dancing class? that sounds awesome! your gonna have to give me the info on that class- i bet i could sucker one of my friends into taking it :0)

  2. WD Says:

    Why, Trashy? Why?

  3. tashamort Says:

    You LOVE it!

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