That is the approximate reaction to quickly pulling on gym clothes that have been sitting outside in your car all morning.

I am going to try to get back to my lunchtime workouts! It saves me money (I am forced to make myself a lunch rather than going to a grocery store and buying whatever my stomach tells me), I get good value out of my gym membership, and I come back to work to face the afternoon energized and refreshed! Remind me why I haven’t been doing this lately?

 Oh yeah, that’s right, there was the sickness. And the soreness from my pole dancing. Shut up, it hurts! I fought through it today. I did the elliptical on a low level for 15 minutes. Just enough to burn some calories (150!) but easy enough not to hurt myself even more.

By the way, I kicked some booty at my pole class on Tuesday! I don’t know how I managed, because I was seriously awful at the first class. That class is FUN once you really go for it and are able to spin around the pole rather than just falling on your butt.


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