Spending Money

So I’ve been doing pretty good at sticking to my budget. I haven’t been perfect, but I also haven’t been using my credit cards at the end of my two week pay period!

I have multiple bank accounts- Normal checking, normal savings, a CD, my checking account from a credit union for my car loan, and a savings account with nothing in it from said credit union. I finally added up my “extra” money in these accounts right now and, minus the CD which I’m not touching, I have my “estimated” Thailand budget. I also get paid three times in February which will give me a little EXTRA over my original budget.

This has totally made my day. Then, I can put most of my tax return (fingers are crossed that I’ll get one) towards my credit card bills. I’m just so excited that I won’t have to put Thailand on credit cards. Also, I saw today that I am halfway done paying off my car loan!

Also, I’ve lost 4 pounds since the beginning of the month! Just by exercising and eating a LITTLE bit less.


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