Freak Out

It’s starting. My freak out. The major countdown for Thailand is on. 11 days away. It’s kind of starting to seem real.

Meaning I’m freaking out about everything.

What if they say there’s something wrong with my passport or my ticket? What if I miss a plane connection? What if my plane crashes?! What if I die? What if I get sick? What if I get mugged? What if I get lost in an airport? What if I forget something important? What if I spend too much money? What if I run out of room in my suitcase? What if I cry the whole plane flight? What if I miss David too much? What if I don’t have fun? What if it’s too hot? What if my camera breaks? Oh, and again what if my PLANE CRASHES and I DIE!???

With 11 days to go, I hope I’m freaking out early and that by next week I will be nothing but excited. Because these are all very real fears in my head. Especially with looking at my itinerary last night. I fly to Detroit first. No problem. But then I fly to Tokyo. I am on the plane for OVER THIRTEEN HOURS. Then, it’s just a short jump over to Bangkok. A nice, short SEVEN AND A HALF HOUR FLIGHT!!!

Even if I can manage to sleep through most of the long flight, there’s no way I’ll be able to sleep through another 7 hours!! I looked up my plane information, and the one good thing (hopefully) is that it looks like my Tokyo-to-Bangkok flight has an a/c power outlet for each seat. If that’s true, that would make it okay, because then I could use my laptop and play Sims 2 for seven hours.

My first layover in Tokyo is about three hours. I don’t know what the luggage and transit deal is. I don’t know if my airline transfers the luggage or if I need to go through some sort of customs/immigration line in order to get to my next flight.

My layover coming back is only about 1 hour, so anything I want to do in Tokyo needs to be done on the way there. That means sushi and buying crazy Japanese stuff. It better be enough time, because I NEED some sushi. I read about this place in the airport that literally takes the fish out of a tank and prepares it right there in front of you. Awesome!

The layover coming back freaks me out. I have about 1 hour and 5 minutes between my arrival and departure times. That seems awfully tight. What if I do have to go through an immigration/customs line? What if it’s busy? The worst thing (aside from dying in a fiery plane crash) would be to miss my flight back to the states. That would SUCK.

I’m doing some more shopping on my lunch break today. I need to buy some sunglasses and sunblock and look for sandals, although I doubt I’ll find any. I don’t even know what else I need to buy and bring!! Hairspray? Soap? Advil? I don’t know!!

I know, I just need to take some deep breaths and not worry so much and just be happy for this experience. I am just unable to do that right now. But hopefully by this time next week I will be nothing but excited.


3 Responses to “Freak Out”

  1. MK Says:

    You are weird.
    And so is the word, “weird.”

  2. Sierra Says:

    Relax. You are going to have a fabulous time. I think your feelings are normal–this a huge trip to be taking by yourself.

  3. cristina Says:

    tasha, for the first time i ever i had a hellish trip home from my family reunion last week. i was delayed for 45 hours. 4 cancelled flights, slept in the airport. lied to by the midwest kiosk lady. while you won’t have grounded planes for snow in thailand, you should know that first off, it’s not the worst thing in the world. i got a lot of reading done (i am very thankful of myself for packing two extra books). i met people who i could trust when i fell asleep or really had to pee and didn’t want to take my suitcase with me. when you are stuck, there is always someone else stuck. it all adds to the experience. the world is too damn populated and small for you to ever be in a position that you will be helpless or in serious danger. someone will understand you. and if all else fails, just fucking cry. the best thing about being young and blonde and buxom is when you cry someone listens and trys to help. and even at the ripe old age of 27, it still works.

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