Target Checkout

First, why are you in the express lane when you’re writing a check? That’s just annoying.

Second, cashier woman, here’s how our conversation could have gone:

HER: Did you find everything okay?
ME: No, because apparently nobody wears shorts that cover their buttocks anymore.

HER: Oh! These sandals are really cute. I love them.
ME: Thanks? I designed them. Oh wait, no, I bought them at this one store… Um, Target. Thanks for validating my taste.

Seriously, what do you say at a checkout when someone squeals and says “I love these!” over something you’re buying? “Thanks,” seems weird because they’re not really complimenting me on anything. “I know,” doesn’t seem to fit either. “Me too,” seems pretty repetitive, considering I’m buying them. I can’t really tell them where I bought them or what a great find or deal they were. I chose, “Yeah, they’re really cute! Or at least they were until a 50 year old balding woman took a liking to them.”

Thanks Targhetto!


4 Responses to “Target Checkout”

  1. Sierra Says:

    In response to the 2nd comment, I just always say “yeah”. I agree, what else are you supposed to say?

    This post makes me afraid to go shopping for warm weather clothes now.

  2. WD Says:

    At least you know that Target is an EOE.

  3. cristina Says:

    i have to say my absolute least favorite thing about whole foods, is that the cashiers are trained to make personal conversation, which always starts with them complimenting ANYTHING. the buttons on my sweater, the pattern on my bag, anything. but my least favorite thing that cashier-y people do, is when they ask me what my tattoo is. A) they don’t really care. if they want to see the rest of it, just ask. B) it’s not like it is so super personal that it is a representation of my life and struggle so far. C) they won’t get it if i tell them. “Well, the design is actually a japanese family crest, though its clearly not my family because i am clearly not japanese.”
    maybe we should just point out the stupidity of these questions and comments, and you can just say, “i know, that is why i bought them, here.”
    and be kind to 50-year-old balding women because i am going to be one in 23 years.

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