I Should Have Done This Earlier

There is an interesting section all about health and safety in the back of my Thailand Travel Guide that I just discovered today at lunch. It talks about various diseases and infections one could get while wandering the country. It does say that it is generally safer in big cities and by taking simple precautions, but somehow that isn’t settling in at the same rate as words like “rabies” and “hepatitis.”

So now I’m convinced that if the plane doesn’t crash and blood clots don’t stop my heart, I’ll probably come down with a severe case of malaria, typhoid, and DEATH.

Three days to go!


4 Responses to “I Should Have Done This Earlier”

  1. Sierra Says:

    You’ll be fine!

    Although, truth be told, when I think if Thailand, I always think back to this video that they made us watch in high school of people getting really long tapeworms… I’m sorry. I can’t help it. You’ll be totally fine though.

  2. tashamort Says:

    Sonofabitch! Now I’m going to die of terrible diseases AND have tapeworms. Great! šŸ™‚

  3. WD Says:

    I’m keeping away from you in case you come down with tuberculosis or some mysterious illness.

  4. Sierra Says:

    I’m sorry. You’ll be fine.

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