Obama Mania!


After starting to read his “Blueprint for Change” and tearing up after the first two pages, I decided I had to post. There is no way I can possibly write something more eloquent than what he or others have said, so I just have to profess my love for Barack Obama.

He is about more than hope and inspiration. He feels strongly about major issues and has clearly laid out what he wants to do on his website. You can also download his “Blueprint For Change” there. I am very tempted to print out all 64 pages of it for some “light reading” on the plane.

He represents SUCH a drastic departure from our current administration and that couldn’t make me happier. In fact, I am so excited to vote for him that I am sending in an absentee ballot for my vote for the primary as I will be in Thailand on the 19th. That’s serious love.

I know everyone in politics plays some sort of game, but at least I don’t see it written all over him. Instead I see a true love of our country and a real desire to make it better. With that kind of commitment and conviction, I would be overjoyed to call that man my President.


7 Responses to “Obama Mania!”

  1. rightwingdog Says:

    Look again with open eyes as to what the final cost for his “blueprint for dhange would be. Then you may not have such strong feelings for Senator Obama.


  2. theKBB Says:

    Uh. Right.

    Anyway – Hooray for Obama!

  3. tashamort Says:

    By cost do you mean money? I have looked at him with open eyes and his ideas line up closely with my own. How is that not cause to have strong feelings? By all means point out certain problems you have with him, but a general statement like that does not change my vote.

  4. WD Says:

    You better open you eyes, Trashy, or rightwingdawg will be MAD at you!

    Politics are politics. You can’t change someone’s opinion. Only idiots like rightwingdawg will try to push their beliefs on you.

  5. Erin Says:

    Hey girl, we may disagree, but at least you’ve thought it through and give actual reasons for why you want to vote for this man – so good for you!

    I think Barack is going to sweep Wisconsin next week, with or without your absentee ballot! But hey, if your ballot is one more vote against Hillary, I’m all for it. 🙂

  6. Sierra Says:

    So long as you have valid, concrete reasons to back up your decision, vote away! It looks like you’ve educated yourself before forming an opinion and aren’t afraid to share your reasoning. Good for you for not letting your vote be swayed by internet folk.

  7. Erin Says:

    P.S. I’m actually slightly jealous of you and all on the Left – how fun to have a candidate to be able to get so excited about. I definitely do NOT have that!

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