What’s Up?

These last few days have been theater-filled for me. On Wednesday I saw The Lion King (incredible!!); Thursday I saw “Jacques Brel” at Off the Wall; and Saturday I saw “Avenue Q”!!!!

Let’s talk about Avenue Q. I was sweating my butt off in my final Pole1/Strip This class (next Saturday I start Pole 2!!) while David and our two friends Chuck and Lisa traipsed down to the Marcus Center almost two hours before the 2:00 start time of Avenue Q.

Avenue Q has a wonderful ticket lottery program. A handful of really good seats are saved for each performance. 90 minutes prior to the show, they raffle them off. Here in Milwaukee, this consisted of giving a half a raffle ticket to everyone who was present, and dropping the other half into a hat. They drew about 10 tickets. Each person was able to buy 2 tickets for only $25!!!!!!

Both our friends got called, so we were able to have 4 tickets for a total of $100! These were in row Q (sweet!!!) and would’ve normally totalled about $300. So not only did we get to see an incredibly funny, sweet, and entertaining show, but we had great seats, and we didn’t have to spend a fortune. What could be better?

In other show news, I am currently working on THREE shows. And trying to memorize lines for all of them. Fortunately one of them is really tiny and I just have one line. Unfortunately, I have that murder mystery in less than two weeks and my other big show opens in a month.

I’m in Death on the Nile at Off the Wall and I think it’s going to be a great show. I really love my character and I have a decent line load. But I really need to find some time and really work at my character. She grows so much during the show and I find her really interesting. I don’t want to let any of that slip away or fall flat in my performance.

<Warning. Lots of self absorbed self love ahead.>

I remember when I was Nadine in the Midwest premiere of Andrew Lippa’s The Wild Party. This was SUCH an awesome experience. I only had one line, my age, “Eighteen.” But I was involved in a lot of the show and I was on stage for huge spans of time. I got so into that character. I made up a backstory for her. Every single thing I did on stage had motivation in my mind, and during performances, my thoughts were her thoughts. I hid in a bathroom at one point, (the show took place in an apartment) during this beautiful ballad. I had no one to interact with, but I still found myself crying in there one night. Feeling alone and abandoned and scared. It was the most amazing thing.

I have never felt as into a character as I did that time. I was SO into it, that I um, bared more than my soul at one point (if you know the story, you’ll know which part I’m talking about) when my camisole slipped off my shoulders and I may have flashed the audience. Thank goodness I was on the floor at that point. And all my work was not in vain. I got so many wonderful compliments on my performance. The best came from other actors and performers who had come to see it. I was so proud of myself.

Hopefully reminding myself of that will give me some motivation to take the time and really study this character. Acting and performing always feels best when you can totally lose yourself in what you’re doing and really BE the character.

And here’s a pic of me from that show. I have some more on some CDs somewhere at home. Here is blonde curly me:

Also, if you EVER get a chance to hear some of the music (the Andrew Lippa version) do it! Listen to a clip on iTunes or Amazon.com. It’s so cool. Taye Diggs + Idina Menzel = HOT!!


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