A Good Day

26 years ago today my future husband was born. He may not be too thrilled about his birthday, but I am. 26 may not be an exciting age to reach, but hey, in this crazy world, making it one more year is good news. Plus, now he’s just a year away from the holy grail of birthdays. THE Golden Birthday.

If you believe in the power of numbers, his next birthday seems pretty special. When I think of powerful/lucky numbers, I think of 3 (and 7). His birthday will be 03/27/09. Not only is there a 3 and a 7 in there, but:
3x3x3=27 (as does 9×3)
I’m pretty sure we need to go to Vegas. This seems like one powerful day.

I’m taking off work at 4:00 today. We’ll stop by my mom’s house, where I have been stashing his present, and then go to Sake-Tumi for dinner before rehearsal. It sucks he has to work AND go to rehearsal, but there are other birthday activities in the coming weekends.

On Saturday he is FINALLY going to a game at Miller Park. It’s just a Brewer’s exhibition game, but I hope it makes him happy. He’s been having a rough couple of weeks. Little bad things keep happening to him. I have contributed, though not on purpose, in my own ways. Hopefully today it will all turn around.

Happy Birthday Love!


3 Responses to “A Good Day”

  1. WD Says:

    Dude, he’s only 26? What is he bitching about? Some of us are older than that. 🙂

    Happy Birthday, Squishy Face!

  2. Sierra Says:

    Happy Bday David!

    I don’t really get the lucky numbers thing, but whatever works for you!

  3. cristina Says:

    26 seemed pretty good, though i have been telling people i am 27 for the last few months. i’ll let him know how that goes, too.
    tell him happy birthday for me.

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