My mommy got a promotion yesterday! She works at Boston Store as a sales associate. They called and asked her to come in early yesterday to help with a fashion show they were doing for some of their new clothing lines. Afterwards, her manager talked to her and asked her to be the Specialist/Manager of the these three new clothing lines!!


I know for sure two of them are BCBG and Kensie. I don’t remember the third. But seriously!? I LOVE BCBG! She got a small raise and she’s guessing she will probably get a clothing allowance too.

I will no doubt be using this to my advantage.


4 Responses to “Mommy!”

  1. whip1 Says:

    BCBG is my favorite!

  2. MK Says:

    first your mom wins a ring, and now this!

    did you know there’s a BCBG outlet store in the Kenosha area? at least, i think it’s still there.

  3. tashamort Says:

    Everything is coming up mommy!!

    I will research this alleged outlet. If they have shoes, I know where my stimulus check is going…

  4. Erin Says:

    SWEET!! Congrats to her!

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