OMG Shoes!

I went to DSW at lunch today. I wasn’t really looking for anything specific. I thought I could use a good “every day” shoe. Or maybe something vintage looking that I could wear in Death on the Nile. But I knew I wanted to at least look at wild fancy shoes. And I found some. Bright royal blue strappy patent leather pumps. They’re so fantastic! I will have to take a picture of them, because I cannot find anything like them online. I almost bought some bright yellow BCBG patent round-toe pumps, but these just barely edged those out. And they were only $23 on clearance.

I also bought a super cute pink wallet. I left with my current wallet about $40 lighter, but my heart and mind and spirits were soaring. It’s hard to rival that feeling I get when shopping and buying shoes on a barely spring day where it’s warm enough to roll the window down on the drive back to work. So refreshing.

Speaking of shopping, Boston Store has some incredibly beautiful dresses right now. I saw a cute, sunny yellow dress by Calvin Klein that I’m still drooling over. I think I might stop in on Saturday and try on a few. With Goodwill Days going on, plus my mom’s discount, it might be within my price reach. Maybe.

I’m very scatterbrained today. My show opens tomorrow and I’m really excited. I think it’s going to go well and I think it’s a good, exciting, interesting show. I just hope we have an audience! We have a big cast, and it would be depressing if there were fewer people in the audience than on stage.

On that note, my performances of The Little Shop Of Horrors went great. It was SO MUCH FUN! I actually sang my lines and apparently it sounded good. Here’s a picture of me belting out the opening lines of “Skid Row.” I don’t look much like the big black lady in the movie, but I tried to match her voice and volume the best I could.


One Response to “OMG Shoes!”

  1. Bria Says:

    we should sooo be getting a clip on youtube of you singing.. cause i would love to hear it!!!

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