Other Good News

I switched birth control methods in January. My new gyno raved about the Nuvaring and gave me a couple free samples. Three months later, I am pregnancy free and feeling good. I feel like my old self. I have energy, passion, and even a sex drive. Cool! But now it was time to fill my prescription which means paying for it. I was a little nervous, since Nuvaring is brand name. And there is no generic version.

David picked it up for me from Walgreens this afternoon. $23!!!! Awesome! I can still afford those shoes I just bought!


6 Responses to “Other Good News”

  1. Bria Says:

    i really wish i had been on that.. its sooo much better!!!! i miss it….

  2. whip1 Says:

    i’m glad to hear this. I will be trying the nuvaring in a month or so. I’m kinda nervous about using it, I’ve never done anything besides a pill. Glad to hear it’s not as scary as I’m making it out to be.

  3. tashamort Says:

    I loooove it. Just put a little reminder on your calendar when to take it out and put it back in, and you never have to worry about it on a daily basis. You can take it out for up to 3 hours and you will still be protected. Just don’t put it in hot water. It’s a little… weird to put it in and take it out, but I got the hang of it quickly, and I never feel it in there. As my gyno said (and this is what made me know she was the doc for me), “Just shove it up your vagina!”

  4. simondoyle Says:

    hmmph. you send me for the shoes and blindside me with sex and vaginas. Can’t we go back to cakes and cookies?…j…:-)

  5. tashamort Says:


    Thanks Mr.Breathtaking 🙂

  6. WD Says:

    OMG, how did you NOT end up PG? I heard this rumor that those things don’t actually work.

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