It’s been slow at work today and I’ve been caught up in a blog I discovered this morning. I’m emotionally exhausted from reading about 6 months of posts. It has reminded me how incredibly lucky I am and that I should never take any moment for granted. If you need a reminder, or you just want to be amazed by one family’s strength, visit Confessions of a CF Husband ( There’s a handy post on the right side to catch you up. Tricia just got out of surgery for a double lung transplant and their daughter was born three months early.

Warning, they’re quite religious, so there is a lot of “God Talk” on the blog, but it doesn’t bother me. It might not make me “believe” like they do, but it does make me glad that they are able to find the strength to survive. Because I can’t even imagine how on earth I could possibly deal with anything close to what they are dealing. They are in my thoughts.


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