Swig is reopening!! Myself, David, Sandy, and Jeff all went for their “super secret preview week” last night at their new Third Ward location (On Broadway near Chicago). I was happy to find some favorites still on the menu, like the Tempura Snap Peas. Mmmm, they were just as good as I remembered them.

(These may not be the exact menu names, but I’ll come close)
We also ordered:
Smoked Salmon Pate (a new item. I’m not fond of smoked salmon, but this was pretty yummy.)
Baked Cheese Ravioli (Yum!)
Curry Chicken Wontons (Even better than I remember. The dipping sauce makes the sweet curry heat bearable.)
Baked Stuffed Chicken (David’s Entree- This was very Italian and creamy. He said he got kind of overwhelmed by it. I think this would be a good entree to share)
Roasted Portabella Salad (Jeff ordered this. I don’t think I tried it. But mushrooms = good.)
Shrimp Ravioli (Sandy’s Entree. Holy GOD was this delicious. I just had a bite, but I could’ve eaten her whole plate. It’s a candidate for my next visit. Even though I love…)
Pan Seared Tuna (My Entree. They changed this a little from the old Swig. It is now breaded with panko crumbs. At first I resented the change, but once I got over it, I realized how delicious it is. True to my request, it was just barely seared, and the raw inside was buttery and flavorful, not fishy at all.)

We got a free dessert, some sort of chocolate chip cookie cake with vanilla ice cream. Despite being full, we all managed to inhale this.

We also sampled some of their drinks. I thought I’d stick with one martini, but I got two. Whoops. And of course I tried everyone else’s drink. In order, I liked:
The Dreha (The first one I tried, made with their house infused kiwi-pineapple vodka. Awesome! I will be getting this one again. Very sweet and fruity, but without tasting like a Jolly Rancher.)
Victorian Lemonade (I just tried a sip of Jeff’s. It’s a gin based cocktail. But it’s one of those dangerous drinks that doesn’t taste like booze.)
French Vanilla Pear (Don’t get confused when it comes to the table looking like the French Vanilla Raspberry. Sandy and I ended up ordering the same drink that way. It was good, the addition of Chambord giving it the raspberry look. The pear flavor is great and the vodka is also house-infused. It also includes a splash of champagne, which I love. It has a more “grown up” and less sweet flavor.)
Blushin’ Russian (Dave ordered this one, made like a White Russian with the addition of Amaretto. It was good, and I’m a sucker for Amaretto)
The Hendrick (AKA- The spa martini. The floating cucumber slice makes me think I’m drinking a spa. Interesting. This is one of their old drinks, and although it’s refreshing, it’s just not my taste.)

It was a great night. We even got to talk to the owner (I think it was the owner?) about the items that we tried. Despite being only the second day it was open, the service was good. Our server wasn’t familiar with all the new menu items and drinks, but we came to the conclusion that if it sounds good, it’ll probably taste good!


2 Responses to “Swig”

  1. Sierra Says:

    um, YUM!

  2. cristina Says:

    i cannot believe i wasn’t invited. damn you all.

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