We Hath Angered the Dame

So, if you were thinking about coming to see my play, Death on the Nile, I would maybe suggest coming tonight, before we get shut down. Apparently there was some confusion on the public domain status of the book Death on the Nile and it might not be legal to be doing our little show right now. Great! Just what our poor little theater needs.

Rumor has it that Dame Agatha Christie’s estate e-mailed our director, telling him to shut down the show immediately. I don’t know what will happen and I don’t know what the ramifications are. I don’t know if we’ll have lawyers baracading our door or if we’ll just get our asses sued off. We only had 11 people in the audience last night. But we’re sold out for Saturday. Our rent in that space is pretty high and we often barely break even. If we don’t get to do that Saturday show, I know there won’t be enough money for rent.

They could probably sue us or shut us down. That would be so sad. I know this little theater doesn’t have that many years left. Our director says he’s getting too old and tired, and I really don’t see how the theater could survive without him. But to see it close down before he’s ready for it would be too hard. To see it ruined, the little place where I’ve poured my heart (and time) for the last 5 years, would just be awful.

So I hope something can be worked out. But for future reference: Don’t anger the estate of a Dame.


5 Responses to “We Hath Angered the Dame”

  1. cristina Says:

    well i know a great entertainment lawyer if you need one. since it is just a weekend show, you may slip under the remaining blips of the radar and they just were instilling scare tactics. it doesn’t seem fruitful for the dame’s lawyers to persue small fry, unless they are that bored. and if you don’t want to talk to a lawyer, i will represent you against these agatha christie thugs. otherwise, just do the entire show in pig-latin. I think pig-latin isn’t covered under copyright laws.

  2. tashamort Says:

    Hehehe, you always brighten my day. Pig Latin would be fantastic! I’m hoping they’re just trying to scare us. I can imagine they’d go all out if we were the Rep. Although, it would be pretty exciting if some bored English lawyers showed up with some baseball bats to stalk our theater!

  3. Sierra Says:

    Oh no! 😦 I hope my “friend”/Agatha Christie fanatic wasn’t behind this! Though, he could have been on of your 11. I’d ask, but, you know…

    Really though, it doesn’t seem very worthwhile for them to go after such a small production, especially considering that you’re not going to continue performances on it.

    I’m sorry though, that really does stink!

  4. Bria Says:

    good luck with all this insanity!! I hope it gets sorted out and that the theater is able to stay open!!

  5. Robert Says:

    Ignore the threat. This is Thailand and they won’t get around to “closing you down” for many years, if at all.
    Tell us how to get tickets and we will be at one of your next performances. Look at this as good publicity rather than a negtative !!

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