Science Fiction, Double Feature

Picture Show. By RKO.

Oh how I missed Rocky. This past weekend was Sensual Daydream’s switch show. What this means is the cast draws a name and perform that part. Boys playing girls, girls playing boys, it doesn’t matter (not that it matters on a normal night, anyway…)

In honor of the “switch” Liz, Kurtis, David, and I decided that we should switch. Rather than dressing young and sexy, we dressed old and fogey.

We started the fun day with a fantasy come true. Steak, hashbrowns and milkshakes. Yum! Our strawberry milkshakes brought all the boys to the yard.

We then performed Death on the Nile to a sold out crowd. We got out of there and rushed to Liz’s house where we got ready for our midnight movie. We wore pajamas, which was perfect, considering how cold and crappy the weather was. David is awesome at age makeup, but Liz’s old character was awesome. I love ya Ethel!

We parked a few blocks from the Oriental and walked, talking like deranged old people all the way. We got some weird looks, of course, but we were having a great time.

David and I know most of the Rocky cast because they’re the same crazies who are in the Warped Cast/Little Shop. Because of that and our crazy get ups, I was pleased that we were picked for the “born-again virgin” games. If you’ve never been to see RHPS, you’re a virgin and they make you get up on the stage and humiliate you and you can win crappy prizes. Since it was a switch show, it was for the non-virgins! Cool!

It was the orgasm game. We were to give our best fake orgasms on a theme. Our theme? Old people. It ended with David falling on the floor after suffering from a heart attack.

We won. It was awesome! The audience applauding for our tomfoolery was just great. We won a red Kit-Kat shirt, a bag of Easter eggs, a Rock Band baseball cap, and a little racist Mexican toy. And we got to have our picture taken with the cast.

Oh, that is just too good.

The movie was fun and the switch-a-roos were fun to watch. I don’t know most of the callback lines, but I had fun listening to them. What a crazy night. I was definitely exhausted by the time the closing credits rolled around.

Next month, the theme is cartoons. We’re planning to go again. We’ve already got our quartet picked out. 🙂

“You know Ethel, I think my rug could use a good cleaning.”
“I’m with you Erma. My rug hasn’t been washed since ‘Nam!”


3 Responses to “Science Fiction, Double Feature”

  1. Sierra Says:

    This is awesome. DCD sounds like a very funny guy.

  2. Bria Says:

    …. *blink*… SINCE NAM?!?!?!?!?

  3. stina Says:

    sandy told me about this. too bad i wasn’t working. next time.
    dave’s old people makeup looks crazy good!

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