So much for me trying to convince people that my neighborhood is safe because it’s by Marquette High School. I live in this area. I know they think they caught the guy and that dangerous things can happen anywhere. It’s not like I walk around my neighborhood alone all the time. I’m already nervous when I have to leave the house or come home alone in the dark. It’s silly, but I’m scared something could happen before I get into the house or car and lock the door. Quite honestly, though, I would never think twice about walking around by myself in broad daylight.

I used to be pretty foolish about personal safety. When I lived near UWM I’d walk alone all the time, day or night. I’d walk a few blocks to a party or a friend’s house at 10:00 at night. And, dumbest of all, there were a couple summer nights I’d walk to the lakefront. THROUGH Lake Park. Alone. I never thought anything could or would happen. And it didn’t. But now I realize that there is a line between being ignorant and naive, and brave.

But still, I NEVER thought I’d have to watch my back if I chose to walk through my busy, urban neighborhood in the middle of the day.

Arrest in weekend assault, robberies

Milwaukee police have a suspect in custody who investigators believe was responsible for three armed robberies and a sexual assault over the weekend.Public Information Officer Bobby Lindsey reported today that the man is being questioned and more information may be released later today.
The incidents all occurred in an area from N. 27th St. to N. 35th St.; between Clybourn Ave. and Wisconsin Ave.

The man is accused of a string of crimes that occurred on Saturday, starting with a case in which he was riding a dirt bike when he approached a 49-year-old woman and attempted to rob her about 10:45 a.m. He also forced her to a secluded area where police said the woman was assaulted.

At 11:30 a.m., the man attempted to rob a 48-year-old woman. Then at 1:40 p.m., the man robbed a 27-year-old woman who is 8 months pregnant, police said.




One Response to “Dang.”

  1. cristina Says:

    you gotta remember though, frank out in the open things like that are few and far between. they were all related, all done by the same guy, and he was caught the next day. if anything will make you feel better remember; the more press there is, the more patrols there are.

    that and i have the best comeback ever: the only person I know that has ever been shot, was in Shorewood at the time, and they were from the city.

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