After much discussion and weighing pros and cons, I am taking my dad up on his Phoenix offer. I called my cousin last night to make sure she was going to be in town. She flipped out at the news. She’s even taking a couple of the days off work! I’m the first person, friend or family, to come visit her, so it’s a big deal. I’m glad I’m able to, and I was happy to make her night with the news!

So I had decided to start South Beach next week, especially since we had plans to do the Lakefront Brewery Tour and Fishfry this Friday. Well, our friends cancelled, which works out perfectly. (And, quite frankly, we might have needed to cancel, because David’s uncle from Hawaii might be coming to Milwaukee this weekend.)

SO, I am officially on South Beach again. Right now. I had a soft boiled egg and a V-8 for breakfast. I wasn’t prepared, so I had no lunch ready, and will go out and buy a salad. David is going to grill some chicken and vegetables tonight for dinner. Yummy!

David is kind enough to take the bus home so I can hit the gym after work. Although, after hearing and seeing today’s weather, maybe I’ll cancel those plans and go home and take a long walk. Not alone, of course. If only my bike were ready…

The only frustrating thing about starting South Beach NOW is that I just went grocery shopping on Monday. And bought things like bananas, cantaloupe, and carrots. None of which I can eat for two weeks. Annoying! But I really plan to stick with it now. After all, I leave for hot weather and pools in 18 days! I’m hoping I can lose 15 pounds. But even 10 will be a nice start.

My secret hope/goal: By the end of the year, I want to be down at least 30 pounds. My real final goal? 50 pounds. Yes, I know it’s sad that I can lose THAT much weight and still be at a “healthy weight.” Right now my BMI is just tipping the “obese” side of things. Sick. The day it falls into “normal” will be a happy day indeed. Wish me luck, but mostly wish me willpower!

And, um, hello resort:


2 Responses to “Arizona!”

  1. MK Says:

    that resort looks wonderful. wonderful!

  2. WD Says:

    Obsessing over which bikini to buy has helped me lose weight. BIKINI!!!

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