Holy Awesome!

So I know we already talked about how awesome my dad is. But guess what, hejust got awsome-r.

He offered to pay for half my ticket to Arizona. That was great! Flying Midwest, I would’ve had to pay about $130.

However, his frequent flyer miles checked out. And so my ticket is free. Which means I don’t have to pay him anything! NOTHING! ZERO!! I’m going to Phoenix and staying in a kick-ass resort for FREE. Wow, people, there are not words.

If only he were that generous about paying for a wedding. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. If I were to say that to him, he’d probably write me a check for the price of the plane ticket and say “There you go. My wedding generosity.” Or something like that.

But hey, that’s $130 that can stay in my wedding savings! Or actually, as it’s known for the next year, the credit card payoff fund.

Also, my diet is going well, for the second day. I went out for sushi with my dad at lunch, and only ate sashimi and edamame. I was good and didn’t order any rolls. So I can get rid of my rolls. HAHAHA I’m so freakin’ funny!


7 Responses to “Holy Awesome!”

  1. Erin Says:

    That’s awesome!!! Color me jealous. That resort looks FAB.

  2. Julia Says:

    MMMMMmmmm, Arizona. My ideal state in which to live. Please take pictures and get some sun for us pasty northerners:)

  3. Bria Says:

    good to hear you are sticking too it… much love and tell your folks hi for me!

  4. WD Says:

    Free vacations are the best ones.

  5. WD Says:

    Wait, you’re going to spend that $130 on spa treatments, aren’t you?

  6. tashamort Says:

    Well damn. I am now! I’m on the website looking at their spa treatments. Sigh…

  7. Sierra Says:

    Yes, free vacations rock! That’s awesome.

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