I Just Realized

David is a big geek. And I totally love that about him. So it didn’t really come as a surprise that he was super excited to get a jury duty summons a few weeks ago. He filled out the initial info and a couple weeks ago got a potential case assignment. A BIG case. Even I jumped around and screamed with him. Sure, I’m probably not supposed to know about it, but he couldn’t help but tell. Very exciting. He’s not a juror yet, but not only does he want to be, but he wants to be the jury foreman!

I think he’d be great at it. Even though he has heard of the case before, he doesn’t know much about it, and doesn’t really have any opinions on it. So I have my fingers crossed for him. He’s sending back the questionnaire (all 19 pages of it) this week.

If he gets on, he’ll probably be gone from work for 2-3 weeks. He likes that idea! The courthouse is in the opposite direction from our house and my work, so he’d most likely take the bus or get a ride from his dad.

Which means I’ll have the car. And will only be responsible for taking myself to work. Which means I can leave about 20-30 minutes later than we usually do. Which means I can sleep later!

YES!!!! Now my fingers are extra crossed.


2 Responses to “I Just Realized”

  1. CaptainNeeda Says:

    I’m jealous! I want to be a juror. Just remind him if the glove doesn’t fit, he must acquit.

  2. MK Says:

    I have a feeling after day 3 of jury duty, he’d be ready to call a Guilty verdict and come home. They’re always guilty. ALWAYS.

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