I have three numbers for you…


I hit 190 on the scale today!! I’m going to count from 205, because it’s easier to keep track of. Which means I’m down FIFTEEN POUNDS today! When I told David this morning, he wrapped me up in a huge hug and told me how proud he was. It almost felt better than seeing the number on the scale.

I’m proud of me too! I don’t really know what is different about this time, though. I’ve done South Beach, exercised more, ate less, and been desperate about my weight before now, but nothing ever stuck. Was it time? I turned down shows to focus my time on ME and my health and weight. Maybe that’s the difference now.

I lack willpower. That was always my problem before. I’d want unhealthy food, so I’d eat it. Now I have learned restraint. Ohhh believe me, I would love to have a big slice of pizza or a bagel or some cake or a chocolate martini. And some day I will. Just not all the time.

When I hit 185 I am thinking about giving myself a little treat. It might be a scoop of ice cream or maybe a mojito, we’ll see. When I hit 180, however, I know I want to do something special. Like dinner and drinks, where I can pay less attention to what I can eat, and more attention to whatever I want to eat! Mmm, and drink!

Although that celebration might fall near my little sister’s 21st birthday (OMG!!!!) so drinking with her might also be my celebration.

I don’t always want to celebrate with food, of course. That’s a bad habit to get into. It’s just been so long since I’ve had some of those foods I used to crave, and the fun that goes along with it. A night of mojitos and beer, followed by drunken Taco Bell would be a superfun night for me right now. As I get closer to my goal weight, I can go out and party again, I just can’t do it as much as I used to. Beer is pretty much the worst thing you can possibly have on this diet, according to the book. So that sucks. But sitting out on my porch with a Summer Shandy will feel like a REALLY nice reward for losing 25 pounds.

When I reach my goal weight, I want to buy a FANTASTIC pair of jeans. I’m talking designer quality. Celebrity jeans. I still have a lot of old clothes in my smaller size, so I won’t have to rush out and buy a new wardrobe (though I’d like to). I just want to get a few great pieces that make me feel awesome. And a nice pair of jeans will be the perfect kick off to that.

If things work out, I could be debt free and 50 pounds lighter by this time next year. That will go SO far into making me the happy, healthy, successful person that I want to be!

On a final note, I checked in on my BMI today. I am now officially “overweight.” I was (just barely) in the “obese” category for a long while. I’m anxious to measure my waist and see where I’m at. I’m feeling like I must be down at least two inches now!


I have a long way to go, yet, but it sure is fun to enjoy the small victories along the way!


11 Responses to “Booyah!”

  1. WD Says:

    Congrats! I can’t wait to see you so I admire your weight loss. 😀

  2. WD Says:

    GAH! That was supposed to say “so I CAN admire”.

  3. tashamort Says:

    You speaky the good English!

    We will rock out.

  4. Sierra Says:

    I am proud of you too! Really, this is huge and definitely worth AWing over!

  5. tashamort Says:

    and over and over and over?

    Hey, that’s what blogs are for!

    But for real, thanks Sierra. It means a lot to me!!

  6. Ginesa Says:

    That is fantastic!!! Considering I am also doing the “weight-loss journey” it’s great to have someone’s success to read and push me along when all I want to do is stare down the mojito…as it empties itself into my mouth.


    Ok, anyway – congrats!!!!

  7. Bria Says:

    HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY FOR YOU HUN!!!! so glad to hear things are going well on the weight front..

    much love and happiness for you and the D man

  8. Erin Says:

    Great job, Tasha!! That’s awesome!!

    I’m with you – celebrating with food is my favorite way to celebrate. 😉 Nothin wrong with that!

  9. cristina Says:

    i think it was all the stairs and heavy lifting you did last weekend. really the only reason i moved was so we could all work out together.

    thanks again.

  10. Brooke Says:

    Don’t put too much emphasis on the BMI thing. My personal goal weight is literally as high as it can possibly be and still be in the “normal weight” category. That means that once I get to my goal, even gaining one pound puts me at “overweight.” I call BS on that. BMI doesn’t account for a curvy build or significant muscle mass. Most pro athletes have an overweight BMI. Just focus on getting to a size where you feel good. Damn the Man and his oppressive standards!

  11. msoj Says:

    I, in my unique way, would be so curious to know what your “waist-to-hip ratio” is.

    Look it up on Google (in “quotes”) if you are somewhat unfamiliar.

    Gosh, this is so great to get all of these updates all at once.

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