Lately, I’ve been feeling very scared and nervous for this presidential election. Things like the possibility of McCain getting to chose some Supreme Court judges freak me out. Goodbye Roe v Wade! I used to be okay with McCain’s stance on some issues, but as the campaign has continued, he has moved further to the right to please, it seems, his fellow Republicans.

Reproductive rights are a huge issue to me. See this article for one major reason why I no longer can agree with McCain. While I feel you can still argue the merits of abstinence-only sex education (though I’ll find it laughable), to rule out other options and methods seems ridiculous. Not that abortion should ever be an “option” for birth control, but I do believe that it should be available in a regulated and healthy way.

I have too many major issues this election season to pick just one. The war is a big one too. I really believe that we need to GET OUT. I feel that what we are doing is NOT WORKING. I like Obama’s plan to slowly remove troops and urge Iraq’s leaders to take more responsibility while still addressing the refugee and humanitarian issues.

Healthcare and educationare biggies for me too. David sometimes sees insurances at his work that have $10,000 deductibles. My mom’s cheapie insurance doesn’t even cover all of a preventative visit. But these people have it better than millions of Americans who have nothing. I didn’t have insurance at my last job because it would have been a minimum of $250 per month! I am incredibly lucky to have the insurance I do now. Is Obama’s way the right way to go about it? I’m not certain, but I think it’s something to strive for.

Our educational system right now makes me nervous about having kids. I did okay in school. I even liked school thanks to some great teachers. But what if my kid doesn’t have that? You see so many kids now that seem so developmentally behind based on their age. What kind of adults will they grow up to be? Education is often at the core of who we are and what shapes us into the adults we will be. I believe it is a SHAME that education and teachers are poorly funded and that college costs are astronomical. No Child Left Behind, while good in theory, did not and does not work. Kids need more than standardized test knowledge. We need a change.

Change. And hope. Opponents of Obama say that’s all he talks about. That he’s an idealist. I guess that is the difference between those who support him and those who don’t.  Those of us who do don’t see anything wrong with that. What’s wrong with striving for an ideal solution? What’s wrong with wanting a change for our country? Hoping that we will once again be a country that is respected and admired. I’m not suggesting that those who don’t support Obama DON’T want some of that. But Obama has filled some of us with the hope that it is achievable and the desire to help achieve it. How can that be a bad thing?

David showed me this video last night from the Move On site. I don’t know much about Move On, so I can’t speak at much length about them, but they are a grassroots organizations working for liberal issues. They sponsored a video contest and you can see the results here. But I’d like to share the one that won in the “Funny” category for two reasons. One, it asks when hope became a bad thing. Two, it has Rider Strong whom I still have a crush on from my Boy Meets World days.


6 Responses to “Hope”

  1. WD Says:

    Think about McClellan’s book and Phil Gramm and the “puzzled” fallout.

    For laughs: http://www.thepillkills.com/ or http://americanrtl.org/. They make Scientologists look harmless.

  2. tashamort Says:

    OMG! I’ve seen this Pill Kills site before. It freaks me out!! WTF?! I would like to protest the protestors.

  3. CaptainNeeda Says:

    I paid $4,000 this year in medical deductibles, then my husband got laid off. He is starting a new job in June with a new $4,000 deductible that we get to pay. yay!

  4. Brooke Says:

    Don’t forget that McCain opposed the Ledbetter Amendment. Basically, if you think women and minorities should be able to sue for discriminatory wages, then you should support this amendment. It’s ridiculous.

    He claims it will only help trial lawyers. Here’s a gem for you, though: most cases that would be brought under the amendment would be on a contingent fee basis. So in the vast majority of cases, if the lawyer made money, it means the plaintiff’s rights were vindicated! But hey, who cares about equal pay if he can vilify the evil “trial lawyers” over it?

  5. Erin Says:

    I don’t want to say too much here because we already know that you and I disagree, and that’s definitely ok! To each their own, and that’s why this country is great. We can be open about our views, we can debate them, and we can choose for ourselves come election time.

    I just want to say that Roe v. Wade will never, ever be overturned.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I wouldn’t be TOO confident about that, Erin. Have you heard about South Dakota’s recent attempts to regulate abortion? One or two more anti-Roe justices on the Supreme Court, and they could be upheld.

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