Birthday Party!

My little sister turns 21 this weekend!

We’re having a nice little celebration starting at midnight on Saturday. It’s only two and a half hours until bar time, so she’ll do the crazy Water Street stuff with all her friends another night. It’ll just be close friends and family tomorrow night. We’ll start at Elsa’s and work our way to the cool places on Milwaukee St. I’m so excited!!

On Sunday, after our hangover sleep, me and all my sisters will go to Chicago to pick up my dad from his Iran trip. We’re hoping he’ll take us to dinner in Chicago, maybe Reza’s, but after a vacation in Iran, will he really want more Persian food? Who am I kidding, you can never have enough Persian food.

I hope to have plenty of crazy pictures to post of tomorrow night, especially as David is playing the role of Designated Driver, and I will be boozing it up. In the meantime, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMANTHA!!!!


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