David is at jury duty right now. Or, actually he’s at jury SELECTION right now. He left for the courthouse this morning. He was not allowed to bring ANY electronic devices, so no text messages updating me on what’s going on! I won’t know anything until tonight. It’s weird.

It was awesome getting to sleep in this morning. Usually we have to be out the door at 7:15, because we carpool and he works at 7:30. Today, I didn’t get out of bed until 7:15!! I got ready and left for work on my own schedule!! Which of course means I was late. But it was awesome! And I was only late by a minute or two. And it was kind of on purpose, daring anyone to say anything so I could respond, “I’ve been here 10-15 minutes early every day for the past several months!”

Not that I actually start WORKING 10-15 minutes early.

The only bad thing about going our separate ways in the morning is not getting to hold hands on the way to work. But a good-bye hug and kiss was almost as nice. If he get selected, we may be doing a lot of that for a while.


One Response to “Govern!”

  1. dave Says:

    And even when I’m home I don’t get to tell you, sorry love 🙂 But I do miss our morning time together.

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