My dad is pretty awesome. I’ve always been Daddy’s Girl. I have more in common, both in looks and personality, with him than my mom. We’ve had our unfriendly moments, but for the most part, we get along great.

We have close to the same sense of humor. We’ll laugh at anything. I remember one year, when I was in college, I told him this joke:
“Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because seven ate nine!”
He laughed for minutes on end. We laugh at everything, but we’re not too quick to come up with witty responses. My mom and Samantha have that part covered. He and I are usually a step behind.

I get more of my features from him. I’m the only one with brown eyes to match his and my hair has the same texture as his (NOT A GOOD THING). My dad is kind of my hero. He came over to the USA when he was 17. He finished high school and college here and worked hard to give us a great childhood. He is now high up on the corporate ladder and he did it thanks to hard work. I find that to be amazing.

My sisters and I spent most of the day with him, watching his movies and looking at pictures from Iran. They were incredible. And he’s serious about trying to take us there. He wants us to meet our relatives over there, and especially our Great Grandmother.

After that, we walked to Jacobus Park to take some pictures with the new Canon 870IS camera he just got. We had a little too much fun!

After all that fun, we went to Hector’s for a yummy dinner on their patio. And got attacked by a water balloon. I kid thee not. We got drive-by water ballooned. My dad and one of the waiters went running after the truck, but couldn’t get a license plate number. Too bad. I didn’t even know what happened at first. It didn’t soak anyone, but it splashed our table and the table next to us. Ridiculous! I did some stupid, obnoxious stuff in my teen years, but never anything like that. 

We went back to my dad’s place and watched the Tony’s for an hour. Samantha took me home at 8:00 so I could finish watching them with David. My family wasn’t too into it. David and I had a lot of fun squealing over people we recognized and have seen on stage before. And now of course, we want to go to New York City to see some of these shows. If you’re interested, I would recommend checking out some songs from Passing Strange or In The Heights, both very new, and bold musicals.

My dad tells me he really enjoyed his Father’s Day. And that’s what it was all about!


4 Responses to “Daddy!”

  1. julia Says:

    awesome camera and fun pics. A stray water balloon? Weird!

  2. Bria Says:

    holy crap is that little Layla… she has really grown up!!

  3. It's MSOJ Says:

    (predictably drops loyalty to Natasha for the span of one entry: )

    When all the sisters are together… everyone ***knows*** which one will be having the most fun in front of the camera.

    (oh, and the three of you all need to LEARN that a central element to your unique exterior appeal is the, um, genetic cross between your mom and your father, which landed you all in a color range which isn’t found in tooooooo many North Americans. That works wonder for you all fashion-wise)

    That haircut on the middle sister is amazing, but it is far moreso because of the sliiiiiiiightly darker skin tone than most with a similar cut. The sharpness of the cut just frames her face so well, and brings out the gentle differences.

  4. It's MSOJ Says:

    (silly analogy in separate comment, so you can delete it if you want)

    IF, say, all women on earth could be naked, in a single line, facing away, in order of the exact size of their, um, ‘posteriors’…

    It would NOT be those who were right in the very middle of the line who would be admired most, it would be those on EITHER side OF the middle… those who are slightly larger, or slightly smaller than ‘average’.

    (forget the fact that a giant number of those in the mentioned most sought-after groups would sit around telling themselves that they somehow neeeeeeeeed to get to the OTHER group – that’s just how women are!!! – grrrr)

    I want you to apply the above thinking to skin color… and particularly to the North American ‘white’ girl… and NOW understand how your genetics are really, REally, REEEEEEALLY working for you and your sisters.

    so yeah, yay Daddy!!

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