Hulk Smash Dream

Boston Store, why must you crush my spirit and will to live?

I have been on the lookout for a cute summery dress. Preferably something casual, that I could wear out to the movies, or a picnic; but something that I could wear out to a nice dinner or a show would work too.

In losing 20 pounds, I feel like things are finally fitting me better. But better doesn’t always mean it looks good. I spent my lunch break at Boston Store searching the clearance racks for something. Anything. A nice pair of summery pants, a pretty shirt I could wear to work, THAT dress I’ve been searching for.

I marathon shopped all the Yellow-Dot racks I could find. I became annoyed at shirts that looked cute on the hanger but made me look like a clown. I got frustrated at seeing shapeless dresses that I knew would make me look like a frumpy cow. Or pregnant. Just as maddening was finding something potentially cute in the “L-XL” sections, and seeing it was actually a size 6. WHY?! I cried out to the gods.

I think I am in between sizes or something. The jeans I’m currently wearing are a 16. They’ve got stretch in them, but they are loose on me. I tried on a couple pairs of pants that were a 16 and were too tight. I could button them, but it was not cute. 16!!! I feel like I should be able to fit into that by now. It’s my darn hips. I am NOT shopping in plus size. Even size 14 that I’ve tried on at Lane Bryant before is not right on me. It’s cut all wrong. Anything plus size that I’ve ever tried has made me look bigger than I am. Maybe another 10 pounds will do it…

Anyway, I made my way to the dress area. The place where I have spent many minutes drooling over the bright and beautiful summer dresses. Kind of like some of these. If you’ve entered Boston Store at Brookfield Square through the mall entrance, you might have seen the dresses I’m talking about. Popsicle colors!

I found a few dresses that were OKAY on the Yellow-Dot racks. There is so much BLACK in the 14-16 size range. And so much empire waist. Sometimes that works out. But lately I’m finding that it just makes me look pregnant. And that’s not really what I’m going for. I blame the boobs. Anything that hangs off my boobs serves to make me look bigger, NOT “hide my stomach and hips/thighs” like the magazines say.

Then, there among the mediocrity, I saw THIS:

One of the very dresses I had yearned for in the prior weeks. I checked the size. 14! I grabbed the tag and looked for the yellow dot and reduced price. There was none. Maybe they didn’t mark this one?? I knew in my heart that wasn’t true, but I grabbed it off the rack to try it on.

I saved it for the very end, after I had tossed all the sub-par and ill-fitted dresses aside. Then I slipped this beauty over my head. I am not vain and I have a very critical view of myself, but HOT DAMN!!! If I didn’t know any better, I’d say I looked better in it than that model up there.

It was a near-perfect fit. It’s a tad on the bridesmaid-y side, but I think it overcomes that. There was waist definition, and just enough of a skirt to give me that 50’s/Stepford Wives look that I love. And yet, the cut was modern and, dare I say, slimming. It just felt good.

I fell in love and died a little right there, knowing it could not ACTUALLY be 60%+ off. And yet, I had hope that it might my lucky day. I hung out in it for a few minutes, grabbing my camera to snap some pictures. Trust me, if I had my cord, I’d have uploaded them to my work computer and be posting them right now.

I checked the time and reluctantly unzipped myself. I looked at the tag again. $128.00. No yellow marking. I took it up to the woman at the register. My face must have told her that I was in turmoil and asked if I needed a price checked. I said yes and said I found the dress on the clearance rack as she told me she thought that it was full price.

She scanned it. It was on sale. For $99.99. I couldn’t bear to turn away from it, though, and so I asked her to put it on hold. You know, in case I find a hundred dollar bill on the ground. She was super nice and told me she’d try to hold it until store close tomorrow. I thanked her, then turned and walked away.

I can’t afford it. Even with my mom’s employee discount, it would be $75. I mean, technically, yes, I can afford that, but that money should go towards other monthly expenses. But I have until tomorrow to wonder what I can go without in the next two weeks in order to have that gorgeous dress.


So that was my over-dramatized lunch hour. But really, it’s pretty!!


8 Responses to “Hulk Smash Dream”

  1. Robin Says:

    OMG Trashy that happens to me all the time! My whole life I’ve never been able to fit into anything because even when I was skinny I was tall. I hate shopping because I always leave empty handed. Over the last year I’ve had a running list of things I should get to expand my wardrobe and it’s like two pages long. I desperately need to go shopping for summer clothes but everything that is actually affordable doesn’t fit me. I’m embarrassed to admit but I only have 5 work pants right now that are all the exact same style just different colors (hopefully that made you laugh). Talk about a lack of variety! I need tall shirts, tall pants, tall blazers, socks that are extra long (hard to find in the women’s section), size 11 shoes, tall torso swimsuits, and even tall skirts (I have a number of business skirts that are inappropriately short). When we moved I decided to only hang up clothes that really fit me well and leave the other stuff in boxes. Well, I can’t go a whole week without digging in those dang boxes.

    I’ve just started to order stuff online. I still like to find something in the store to try it on and then going online to get a different color or size. The problem is most tall stuff isn’t even in the stores. But a number of stores have free shipping and returns over a certain dollar amount or you can find online coupons. I like JCP for work stuff but I don’t know what they have for dresses right now. Let me know if you find anything good!

  2. Andrea Says:

    Buy the dress! If it looks fantastic on you, you should go for it ;-D

    (And as a corporate Boston Store employee, I apologize for your crushed spirit. 😀 )

  3. tashamort Says:

    Ugh, Robin, I’m “glad” we share each other’s pain. I’ve always been bigger, at least around the hips, and have always had trouble finding things that fit just right. Although you wouldn’t know it based on the HUGE amount of clothing that I have. The thing is, most of it either doesn’t fit, or I don’t like how it looks on me. Annoying!

    And you think you’re bad with only 5 work pants? I’m allowed to wear jeans to work, and I wear the SAME pair almost every day because nothing really fits me right now. On days we have to dress up, I always wear the same black skirt. I know it’s only a matter of weeks before I fit into at least SOME of my old clothes. If only we had the moolah to get clothes custom made for OUR unique bodies. Now there’s a dream!

    And Andrea, don’t tempt me!! That’s my attitude right now, though! It made me feel so good and pretty! And $75 isn’t really THAT much for a high quality dress. If/when I lose more weight, I could always pony up for a good tailor to take it in. Oh, and your apology is accepted as long as you don’t rat my mom out for letting me use her discount! (Haha, like NO ONE else does that!:) )

  4. Robin Says:

    LOL Trashy! The part I didn’t tell you is the colors of those pants. Light gray, dark gray, gray with stripes, dark brown… Wait that’s only 4!!! Crap. I forgot that the 5th one was my only black pair that DH shrank in the wash last fall! I remembered buying 5 pairs online when they went on sale. And since I only have a few dark brown extra long socks I basically wear gray pants all the time. Wow, I suck. The other females I work with are alway sporting some really fashionable new outfit. Seriously, they must have some huge closets. I always rationalize that it’s OK that I dress frumpier because I’m one of the only females that’s an actual engineer. Isn’t it’s project coordinator’s jobs to look good? (yeah I’m grabbing at straws but it helps me sleep better at night)

  5. Harmony Says:

    I hate when i have to be “responsible” and put something i really really really want back on the rack- i mean i work hard for my money i should be able to get whatever i want right? lol- then reality kicks in and i realize that we-energies will not be thrilled when they don’t receive their money all because i needed that new purse with the matching shoes and skirt- oh and of course the scarf :0)

    you looked amazing at the gtg by the way- great job on loosing weight- you look fabulous hun! :0)

  6. Ginesa Says:

    Oh, I so understand the clothing issue…it’s ridiculous, really! I always complain to Hubs that at least men’s clothing is consistent – a 36×32 is exactly that, whereas a 16 in one designer does NOT equal a 16 in another. It’s so frustrating!
    I’m also between sizes right now and I just refuse to buy more clothes at this point…another 15lbs and I might splurge, but for now, I’ll just wear what I have. But goodness, do I drool at some of the beautiful stuff out there now! I know it won’t fit me right, but it’s still nice to dream!

  7. cristina Says:

    $75 for an awesome dress? a dress that you think you look better in than the model? do it… if i lived purely off of clearance racks, old navy, and h&m, i would have nothing that looked remotely decent on me and it would all be in wretched colors. thankfully, it would fall apart in no time, however, so i could move on to something just as bad.

    i know that you have a goal weight in mind, and the idea of spending money on something that may only fit you for a brief amount of time is hard, but as someone who lost a tremendous amount of weight 5 years, and has kept all but 5-18 pounds off, i know from experience you will fluctuate over the course of your life. and at least at one particular size, you will have a dress that fits you amazingly.

    i would say i hate to be devil on your shoulder, but sometimes you need one.

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    […] Well, I thought I was maybe over THE DRESS that I posted about just the other day. But thanks to your comments, I’m […]

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