The Plants

First things first. I’m freakin’ buying the dress. I went to see if it was still there today. They had ONE size 14 left. Everything else was 8 and under. Not only that, but it was marked down to $80!! My mom is going to pick it up for me tomorrow. After her discount, it will only cost me about $60! AWESOME!

Oh, and I tried on a dress in a similar style, in a hot fuchsia pink. In a size 12. (!!!!!!!!!!) It was really pretty too. I was really torn for a while, but I stuck with the blue. The pink was a tiny bit tight in the bust. Whatever.

Okay, so on to my plants. I’m a little worried, especially after spending so much money on so many plants. My fingers are crossed that they haven’t all drowned.

My thyme and parsley is completely dead. The tarragon thrived, but I didn’t really care about that one!

My lettuce is looking good. I don’t really know when I’m allowed to pick it though! It hasn’t grown a lot. I’m hoping since it’s not pouring rain anymore, the leaves will start to get bigger.

The basil is exploding! Rosemary and mint are doing fine, but the basil looks awesome. I can’t wait to eat some of it. I’m thinking a tomato/mozzarella/basil salad. Yum!

I’m still worried about my tomato plants. They’ve got flowers, but a lot of yellowed leaves. They seem to keep flowering, and even the one with the most yellow leaves has a little green testicle tomato growing! I hope those babies keep on growing!


5 Responses to “The Plants”

  1. Sierra Says:

    Yay for the blue dress!

    Good job on the plants! I have no idea how to keep them alive, but it seems like you’re doing ok…

  2. Katherine Says:

    Hey! Your tomatoes should be just fine, the yellowing is just from too much water (I’m sure you knew that). The yellowing won’t effect anything else. And the herbs didn’t make it because they probably drowned. We lost a couple too. You can pick the lettuce at any time. It just depends on how you like it to taste. Just pick the outer leaves first. My in-laws own a greenhouse so Bryan is kind of an expert on this whole plant/flower thing. I’m getting there too, slowly.

  3. julia Says:

    You know I’m a pink freak and I love that fuschia! But the blue is quite becoming on you and I’m glad you got it. I know nothing about plants but they look nice:)

  4. CaptainNeeda Says:

    i want to go on a date with you now so I can see you in your blue dress.

  5. tashamort Says:

    HAHAHA! That’s cute Captain. I’ll go on a date, but in return, I’d like to meet your adorable and entertaining daughter 🙂

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