Frenetic Food

I feel like I spend way too much brain power on food. Between thinking about what to buy, what to eat, what to make, what do I feel like, what to bring for lunch, etc, I get exhausted. If it weren’t for David, I might eat the same thing every day, because it’s hard to be creative day after day.

I have been looking at Pick N Save’s weekly ad, hoping for some sales that will inspire something healthy and delicious. Not much this week. There are a lot of picnic and cook-out foods are on sale, for obvious reasons.

We always manage to eat delicious and somewhat healthy meals. We rarely go out to eat based on desperation and necessity. But at the beginning of the week, looking towards the days ahead, I feel overwhelmed. I can only handle so much salad. Bringing a salad for lunch feels like a last resort. My salads are usually more than just lettuce; my current favorite being a chef salad with chunks of cheese and turkey breast, so it’s delicious and filling. But I can only take so much!

I much prefer to make a big dinner and take in leftovers. Some dinners, however, don’t work so well for that. I don’t really like reheating ground beef, so our mini burger and taco salad dinners are out. I don’t think leftover fish sounds very good, so large portions of that are out too. Reheating steak or pork in a microwave can often make it dry and not nearly as tasty. I think the best things to reheat are meats that are cooked WITH other ingredients, like stirfry or some sort of veggie casserole.

I’ll still take dry leftovers over dreading salad every day. If we weren’t on a dinner time limit it would be easier. We could go to the grocery store after work and pick up some fresh veggies and cook whatever sounds good to us that day. But planning meals for the week is a job that I find difficult, especially when my list of foods that I am eating is so limited. I’m still scared to add back carbs. I’ve had some fruit and high-fiber cereal. Maybe I’ll take the leap and make some cous-cous for dinner this week. Also, it would be nice to be able to take a sandwich for lunch in a whole wheat pita.

I hit 183 this weekend, for a moment. I weigh every day, and this morning I was a pound higher than that. I’m not surprised or disappointed, but I’m still saying my current weight is now 183. I looked at myself in the mirror today while getting dressed and I kind of liked what I saw. I saw waist!! And my stomach wasn’t sticking out as much! And I could swear my butt and thighs look just a TINY bit smaller. But there’s still a long way to go on the thigh and hip area. South Beach really cuts into the belly-fat, so I can only hope that as more weight comes off, it will come off other areas as well.

Here’s a body peeve of mine… Chubby knees. I feel like I have chubby knees! I DO.  I feel like my calves and ankles are pretty enough, but I don’t like anything cut above my knees. I feel like my legs look like thick tree stumps up there. Again, I hope some of that goes away with continued diet and exercise.

Okay, and I’m going to add this here. It’s about breasts. Specifically mine. They’re not small. And I don’t really want them to be SMALL, exactly. They’re mine and I like them the way they are. But they got bigger as I gained weight. So I expected them to, um, deflate a bit. They haven’t. Like, not really at all. Like, I’m still wearing the same undergarments. The bands don’t dig into my diminishing back fat as much, but they still fit. Um, what? I was was honestly a little worried that I’d lose weight there and no where else. Apparently I worried them into staying the same?

Sagging is a BIG fear of mine. That, and breast cancer. My breasts have, in many ways, become a huge part of who I am. I could write a whole post on my self esteem as related to men and my boobs, but that’s for another day. Anyway, I don’t wear many skimpy tops and I even usually sleep in tank tops that have that built in shelf support. I was kind of hoping for a little of that, ahem, weight to be lifted.

Whatever. I’m honestly loving my body a little more every day and it really feels fantastic. At some point, you just have to accept things that you cannot change. Or at least things you can’t change without a big bag full of money.


6 Responses to “Frenetic Food”

  1. julia Says:

    Completely agree with your last two sentences. I have the opposite issue in the chesticle area and I wouldn’t change mine either [well, it’s not like I haven’t WISHED to grow big boobies or worn a padded bra]. I say embrace your body for what it is.

  2. Andrea Says:

    Thinking about a weekly menu stresses me out too. I try to plan two types of lunches to rotate throughout the week and then my hubby takes care of the dinners. If I had to do all of it, I would miserably fail.

    Good job on the weight loss! Keep it up.

    Oh and I feel as though I have chubby knees too. It’s the thing I hate most about my body.

  3. Erin Says:

    I’m with you – I’d always rather have leftovers from the night before for lunch than a boring salad or turkey wrap or Lean Cuisine. But it isn’t always easy to plan like that!

    I like that you share healthy, delicious recipes on your blog sometimes – I need to do that more often, too. We can help each other, since yes, food is a huge part of life, and sometimes we need new meal ideas!

  4. cristina Says:

    everyone is going to lose weight in different places, but as you continue to drop weight your bra size will, too. and there isn’t much you can do about how they change shape. going from a 42DDD to 38D, my back is very relieved and i will take that over a different breast shape any day.

  5. Harmony Says:

    must i say you are doing a fabulous job with eating healthy! good for you!

    and i second you on the breast issue- my BIGGEST fear in the world is sagging breasts! you and i definately are in the big boob club and it isn’t always the greatest! i love my body- but i seriously hope they don’t sag!!!!

    love your healthy recipe posts- more please!

    oh, and thankyou sooo much for your thoughtful comments on my blog- i love comments with love! :0)

  6. It's MSOJ Says:

    (leaps on table, speaks with authority on the TOP-ic: ) (laughs at sharp-witted play on words for a sec: )

    (thinks: now what in the hell was I gonna say???)

    OMG, I know…

    Theeeeeeeeeeeey were (are) sooooooooo completely splendid… and it’s the Volkswagen New Beetle thing too… with the round, cartoonish circles… that is central to their appeal.

    And STOP with the talk of sagging… because with time, THEY WILL… they have to… the breathtakers can’t really help but to do so… AND IT IS OK THAT THEY DO!!!

    Nowthen, most important of all… don’t you dare let even 45 minutes go by between the time you write the following entry and the time you alert me that it is here:

    “”””I could write a whole post on my self esteem as related to men and my boobs, but that’s for another day.””””

    You are so good at THINKING out loud, and not being afraid to do so… that I’m expecting a well-written attention-grabber of a story when that ‘other day’ finally comes.


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