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Random Drunk

July 24, 2008

You know what this blog has been missing? Drunkeness!!

And here I am to bring it to you!

I went out to Cubanitas (Google it, because I’m too lazy to make a link now) which is one of my absolute favorite restaurants in Milwaukee right now. With my friend WD. Kristie? What do I call her on here. Oh well, whatever. I’ll probably delete this when I come across it on Google Reader tomorrow at work. I’ll say “OMG! What the EFF was I doing?” I guess this is what happens when I get tipsy and come home to an empty house.

Oh, and her husband came too. It was good times. He drove. Yaaayyyy!!

Oh! I’m going to copy and paste an entry from my old OLD blog, back in 05, when I got home from my 21st Birthday party…

FANTA!! Don’ yhopou wanna wanna fanta!!

Suvk it trtebeck

W0w/. samantaha is ribht. it is hard to type when you are drunk.”

I went out to bars ytonight.

And it was fun.

whao. that sentence was sepelled and typed ocorrectyley, CORECTLY.

wel,l, with one more r. lets try this again.


i did it !

I went to elsa’s and my mom bnought me a cosmopolitan. it didn’t tasete that good.

i had chapmpagne. tjhat was yummy.

and tehen i went to this bar called sake-tumi. Get5 it? Sock it to me?!!!!! it was coiol. and not croweced. and i wanted to dance. but the time went to fast. they did not card me there. i am going kto rpeport them. no, not really. but it was lame, because k io wanted to show my id. they carded me at elsas. and some weird guys were being weird.

and then i went to oakland gyros. and i made friends with people who gave me friench fries when i was wstanding in line for food. but then he called me a slut. so then i was sad. but who isn’t a slut for french fries? so then i felt ok.

now i am back home and i am going to eat gyros.

and i am drunk.

and i am 21.

no… YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, fortunately I am not THAT drunk right now.

But the Mojitos at Cubanita’s are killer. And I drank an unprecedented (big word right now) TWO of them.

They’re deadly. For real.

I ate deeeelicious food, too.

And then I got home and washed my hair. Showering while getting drunker is quite interesting.


That one’s for Heather, even though my bloggggg is not cool enough for her to read on any regular basis.

And just for good measure, here’s a picture of David and I from last night, the last night with his cast (he tore a ligament in his thumb):

I was the ONLY person who got to sign it! I’m special!

Well, now he has another cast on his hand, but it’s much smaller. It’s like a Michael Jackson glove. I’ll take a pic this weekend. It’s funny. His thumb did not heal over this last month, so he will have an MRI on Tuesday to see if he needs to have SURGERY! This is not a musician’s friend. The good news is that they will fix it, and he’ll be able to play guitar once again.

This week has been busy, albeit (fancy word) with fun things. But I am looking forward to next Mon-Wednesday where I have much less going on. I might go out for drinks with friends next Wednesday. This weekend I will finally call Laura back (Red- if you read this, I got your message, but I just haven’t had actual time to call you back and chat!!!)

Okay, I am off to dry my hair and drink several LARGE glasses of water and hope that I don’t feel yucky tomorrow morning.

Byeeeeeeeeee! I hope this is just as funny tomorrow! Hopefully I won’t say “OMG! What was I thinking?!” and then click delete.

</drunk blogging>


The Frogs

July 24, 2008

“The time is the present. The place is Ancient Greece.”

Last night David and I went to see the Midwest premiere of “THE FROGS” at Off The Wall Theatre. It was truly incredible. It’s not often that I see a show in semi-pro/community theater around town that WOWs me as much as this one did. And I’m not saying that just because I knew all but one cast member.

The show is based on a comedy written in 405 BC by Aristophanes. It was “freely” adapted by Burt Shevelove and Nathan Lane. (Fun fact- they originally debuted it in a Yale University swimming pool.) Music is written by Stephen Sondheim. And it is obvious. The music is beautiful and amazingly difficult. I was really impressed by the quality of everyone’s voices. These are my friends, I know they can sing, but I was really blown away. Sondheim is HARD. Harmonies are weird. I often joke that he hates singers, and from what I hear from my musician friends, he hates them too. I know how much work goes into learning music like that, and they managed it brilliantly.

Karl Miller and David Flores got the audience laughing immediately. They do a lot of “breaking the fourth wall” by occasionally talking and interacting with the audience. Mr. Flores plays Dionysos, God of Drama and Wine. Mr. Miller plays Xanthias, his slave.

Dionysos has decided to take a journey to Hades, the underworld, to bring back someone who can help make the world better. A playwright. George Bernard Shaw. Along the way, the pair meet up with Herakles to get some travel tips. There is really no way to pick a favorite character or part, but Joe Fransee really cracked me up as Herakles. And, um, he’s really pretty to look at. Reeeaallly. Like, you should go see the show just to look at him in his muscle tank and short shorts. Oh, and this:

Whew! Okay… moving on…

Dionysos and Xanthias finally make it to the underworld, and that’s when things really get crazy. There is an eight minute song and dance at the end of the first act. I can hardly describe it to make you understand the random awesomeness of it all. Dionysos is afraid of frogs. Suddenly, an army of frogs attacks their boat while crossing the River Styx. The entire cast is out on stage acting like crazy maniacs in green shirts and visors with googly eyes on the top. I really can’t explain the crazy hilariousness of it. Just believe me, it was chaotic and incredible.

The show has a lot of political undertones, true to its Greek beginnings. The “frogs” are those who just sit around and do nothing to change the world, when the world is going to hell. But it is also full of bawdy jokes, sassy dancing, and a lot of fun.

What other show can give you singing and dancing frogs AND a verbal throwdown between George Bernard Shaw and Billy Shakespeare?!

Oh yeah, did I mention that William Shakespeare makes an appearance? He does. He and Shaw fight a battle of words to determine who would make the best impact on the people and inspire them to stand up to their oppressive leaders and make a difference. It’s the “serious” part of the show.

I really, sincerely wish that they were doing another weekend of this, because I would see it again. I thought I might be able to on Sunday, but it won’t work out. If you are even vaguely into theater, music, comedy, or frogs, I highly recommend that you see this show. It’ll be practically impossible because the theater is tiny and they’re nearly, almost, mostly, totally sold out for the rest of the run. But sometimes a chair frees up the night of a performance. It’s almost a crime to have an empty chair at a performance this good.

This is one of the biggest successes that Off The Wall has had in a long time, and I couldn’t be happier for them. They even got a GREAT review in the Journal Sentinel. You can read that HERE. Should I have linked that in the beginning so you didn’t have to read my rambling? Probably. But I didn’t, SUCKERS! If you can find songs on the internets, listen to them! ITunes might have them. It’s just such a cheesy, fun show. Go see it!

Money Money Money

July 21, 2008

Despite that title putting ABBA into my head, I did not see Mamma Mia this weekend. I saw Dark Knight like half the world did. It was soooo good. It was LONG but I would (and probably will) see it again. I was on the edge of my seat, filled with suspenseful tension. And Heath Ledger’s Joker was so incredibly creepy. I want to watch him again and again. His voice, his body language, his movements… mastering these are things an actor dreams about! To think that this was the boy I loved from “10 Things I Hate About You” so many years ago. And now he’s gone. It’s hard to wonder about how many great roles he will never play. So sad. Oh, but how funny was he as the nurse?

On Friday I got paid made my credit card payments. On Saturday I went a little crazy at the mall. Worth it? To me, yes!

I spent a lot of money. Not TONS, but a lot, at least to me. Especially since I’ve been meaning to get my hair cut, and that is not cheap. This money that hemorrhaged from my bank account probably helped cause the panic attack I had when I got home. Honest to God panic attack. It was a little scary and it happened just as David had to leave for his show, so not only was I all freaked out, but I scared him too!

I survived, by sitting on the floor of the living room, the A/C turned on high, and watching Freaky Friday on ABC. Oh, and talking to myself. I then went online to self diagnose my panic attack. “Fear of ‘losing it’ or going crazy”? That was me! This does not happen to me very often at all, but this was the first time it seemingly happened over NOTHING. I’m guessing that it was a combo of being rushed, spending more money than I realized, and being hot and humid. But still, it was weird.

Anyway, then I played with my beautiful new purchases. I thought, hmm, maybe I should return something. I don’t NEED all this stuff. But then I realized that I really really wanted it. And it did not give me another panic attack. So I’m keeping my baby.

I went to Sephora with Sandy. She may not be a girly girl all the time, but she has it deep inside! We spent a LONG time wandering around this store. I described it as porn, especially the makeup brush section. She agreed.

I’m slightly obsessed with mascara, so when I saw this mascara set I had to buy it.

And I did. It’s like I died and went to heaven. I can’t wait to play with them all.

Aren’t they cute!?

I purchased that, but Sandy wasn’t done browsing yet. So I browsed some more. I decided I was way overdue for a Foundation Brush, and the saleslady agreed. Of course she did.

Then we were directed to some bath products that were 50% off! Well, at that price, how could I NOT buy the Asian Ginger Dry Oil body spray?

So now I have another $30 in my basket. I had been drooling over this Urban Decay eyeshadow palette the entire time I was in the store. Not only is the package pretty, but the colors are incredible. I’m a huge sucker for packaging style. Which explains my frequent purchases of Benefit products. So cool!

Suddenly my mind said “What the heck?” and I picked up the Urban Decay palette. And went to the register before I could change my mind. Pricey? Yes. But I told myself that I no longer have cool eyeshadow colors and it had been forever since I bought any new eyeshadow.

So now I am the happy owner of these beautiful eyeshadows.

I am going to have FUN with these! Look at that green!

But Sephora was just the warm up to my shopping excitement. Sandy and I walked towards Barnes & Noble to meet up with the boys who just couldn’t wait outside Sephora any longer. Lo and behold, what do we see? Yellow dot clearance SHOES outside of Boston Store!

We practically run to the 9.5-10 table and rummage through all the boxes. And then I see pink. And a BCBGirls box. And I suck in my breath. And I pull out the box. And I almost faint that THESE shoes are here. I first saw these shoes months ago. And I loved them at their full $98 price tag. They were just so cool! Then I loved them when they got marked down to $70. Just a couple weeks ago I saw them on clearance (IN A SIZE 10) at 60% off. And yet, I didn’t buy them.

But now, out in the mall air, exposed to everyone, I felt that I had to have them. At 70% off, they were around $30. I didn’t really have the money, but I thought of one last possibility. My mom. I dialed her cell phone and she answered right away. I told her that I was at Boston Store and tried on some shoes that I had to have. She says “At Mayfair? Where.” I looked around, and there she was.

She was on her break, at that very moment. I brought the shoes over to her, and even she thought they were awesome and that I had to have them. I handed over my cash and she went and purchased them, right then and there. It was meant to be! $23 later, they were mine. MINE!!!!

Are they ridiculous? Yes. But then, so am I.


July 18, 2008

I figure I’d better do this “tag” game right away, or else I’ll forget. But first, I want to talk about last night.

David and I went to The Grove for dinner, since he had to be at his show at 6:30 and I had to be out in New Berlin at 7. It’s kind of backwards… we save gas money on driving between Elm Grove/New Berlin and home, but then we drop $30 on dinner. But it gives us some quality time together, rather than rushing through dinner at home.  I had the most amazing salad- spinach, mandarin orange slices, slivered almonds, and a toasted sesame dressing. It was simple and delicious. I may have to try to recreate it. It was soooo good.

While at dinner I found out my Pole 2 class was cancelled, so our/my plan for the evening was shot. The whole point was to stay out west and not have to drive back and forth multiple times. But I didn’t feel like hanging out for 4 hours waiting for David. So I accepted the gas mileage.

But first, I went to the YMCA and put in a long workout. 30 minutes on the elliptical, all the weight machines (that I know how to use) and a stretching session later it was after 8:00 and I felt great. It was the longest workout I’ve had in months, and I miss it. I had planned on going to the Y after work a couple times a week for a long workout, but that hasn’t happened this summer. David and I carpool, so it’s not as simple as me just GOING. I dislike doing exercise outside when it is super hot and humid, so maybe we’ll have to try to work something out again. My lunchtime sessions are fine, but I don’t feel like I get a REAL workout.

So, onto tagging. Ginesa over at Adventures of a Family Through the Little One tagged me and it seems kind of fun, so I’ll join in.

5 things found in your bag1) Burt’s Bees Replenishing Lip Balm 
2) Bright pink wallet
3) Beat up cell phone
4) Random receipts, coupons, papers
5) Checkbook with this chicky cover:


5 favorite things in your bedroom
This is tough, because lately we’ve been pulling the mattress into the living room where the A/C is, so our bedroom is kind of limbo right now.
1) I’m eternally grateful for the ceiling fan
2) My pretty, large, antique-y white dresser with gold trim. It’s been my dresser since high school.
3) Random shoes strewn about
4) Kind of cool lamp from Ikea. I love lamp!!
5) Pretty wall-mounted candle holder that was a housewarming present

5 things I have always wanted to do
1) Leave the continent… but I’ve done that now! So I guess… leave the continent again!
2) Be in a movie
3) Audition for a Broadway show
4) Travel to every continent, including Antarctica!
5) Work in events/planning/PR

5 things I am currently into
1) South Beach Diet
2) Trashy TV Shows
3) Not melting into a humid puddle
4) Paying off credit cards
5) Photography

Wanna play? Then TAG, you’re it!

Shout Out To My Boy!

July 16, 2008

Could I have included this in my last entry? Sure, but it deserves it’s own mention (and I forgot between posting those picture).

David got a MENTION in the review for Damn Yankees!!! He’s really “just chorus” and this is what every “just chorus” member hopes and dreams for. Will the review mention me? I’m trying so hard, but my part is so insignificant. 

Most Journal Sentinel reviews are so short, they barely mention the leads! This one is nice because almost everyone gets their name in there. But I am sooooo proud of David for his extra special little mention. Even if it’s only one short sentence. He gives hope to all hard working chorus members toiling away out there!

Check it out here!!!

Catching Up In Photos

July 16, 2008

Saturday, I went to Rocky Horror in my best Christmas in July garb. The Virgin Mary. I’m mostly Catholic and definitely Christian, so nobody needs to tell me that I’m going to hell for this.

I took this at home:

These were taken during the costume contest. David’s baby Jesus looked more like baby Hagrid, but whatever.

Okay, and if you weren’t convinced I’m going to hell, this should do it. My virgin proof. Ridiculous homemade chastity belt. Complete with padlock.

Outrageous, I know.

Moo Cards. When I bought my Pro Flickr account I got 10 of them free. So I goofed around with them, just to see how some of my photos would look and what they were all about. They’re supposed to be like business or calling cards, but their smaller size and pictures are much more artistic and special than a normal business card.

Here’s the back. I blurred my last name, you know, because none of you know it. The font is pink, though it looks more red here:

And for the best part of my weekend… Sharing a mint chocolate chip ice cream filled crepe, covered with chocolate sauce and whipped cream while sitting on a curb at Bastille Days.


My Miscellany

July 16, 2008

My weekend was not as super-fantastic as I had hoped, but it wasn’t half bad.

Friday I left work at 4 and had AMAAAAAZING chicken for dinner. We served it with roasted asparagus (did you know it makes everyone’s pee smell weird, but only 40% of the population has the olfactory glands to smell it?) and tomato and goat cheese salad. I’ve done this before, but added fresh herbs ala Kalyn’s Kitchen. I sliced up regular tomatoes and grape tomatoes and added crumbled goat cheese and a handful of freshly chopped parsley, basil, and oregano. I drizzled in some basil & balsamic dipping oil and it was delicious! We’re doing that chicken again tonight. TRY IT. We didn’t do it on the grill, we just pan roasted it and it turned out great.

So then I went to see David in Damn Yankees at Sunset Playhouse. I wore THE DRESS and the new shoes and I felt fabulous! The show was great. It’s funny and light hearted. I’ll be seeing it again, and I’m looking forward to “The Game” and Applegate’s song.

So… here’s the dress picture. One would think I’m talking about a wedding dress or something. Maybe I’ll wear this for my wedding. I love it that much. (PSYCH!!!) Anyway, I forgot to bring my camera (GASP!!!) so I had to take pictures after I got back from the show. This is my silly edit for my self portrait project on Flickr:
Pic174- THE Dress

It is a tiny bit shorter than what I usually go for, as I don’t like for my chubby knees (ha!) to show at all, but the fit just feels so great.

Saturday was a day of running errands. Though we did start by going to Greek Fest at State Fair Park for lunch. We got there just as they opened at noon and YUM!! We ate a gyro, chicken shishkabob, and fried eggplant slices. We wandered for a while and then split a small loukemades, or honey puffs. You really can’t go wrong with fried balls of dough smothered in honey syrup and cinnamon. They were so sinfully delicious.

That night we went to the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Oriental. Their theme was Christmas in July. I went as the Virgin Mary and David went as Baby Jesus. Yes, we are so going to hell. I (well, we) won second place in the costume contest and won some fabulously crappy prizes! It was waaaay too late of a night, but I had fun.

Sunday was a day to sleep in. Though we did make it down to Bastille Days for lunch. I was very disappointed by the lack of French food and goods, though I did have a delicious crepe and cafe au lait. We listened to a cool band on the street for a while, but we couldn’t stay too long. I dropped David off at his show and went to a friend’s house to help her with some Ebay stuff. I did boring stuff like grocery shopping and washing dishes. I also collected the mail from the bottom of our stairs and found my Moo Cards from Flickr! If you don’t know what these are, I’ll post a picture when I get home. They’re cute! I also got a credit card to replace the one that is about to expire. It has the SAME design as my old one. That is LAME!

Sunday is when we had planned to go to Bacchus, but we had to cancel our reservations! Sunset Playhouse does this “Photo Call.” Basically, they stage pictures so it looks like someone took great pictures during the show. It’s nice to have a slideshow of non-blurry pictures of the show, but it takes so long! Sure enough, David found out that they were going to do it after Sunday’s show. So we cancelled. I was SAD. I don’t really want to go during the week, and now we won’t have a free weekend evening until early August. Oh well.

Instead we made taco salads which is one of my favorite meals. We also watched Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical.

OMG LOL!! Has anyone seen this? I loved it. The Warped Cast is doing this in the winter. I don’t know H(ow)TF we’re going to manage it, but I don’t care right now. It was so funny! The music is really catchy. Right now I have “Mary Lane” stuck in my head.

MondayI called in sick. Could I have gone to work? Yeaahhhh… maybe…. but it wouldn’t have been fun. I had a bad sinus headache thing. I felt good enough by the afternoon to do a buttload of laundry and dishes, so I didn’t feel like a total bum. David and I watched the movie Waitress after dinner. It was CUTE!

Tuesdayfor lunch I ate the first lettuce from my garden! I used it in a salad. It was pretty good. I also started my new stripperific classes. I’m taking a Lap/Strip class and another encore of Pole 2 from Miss Pole. I really like the teacher. She’s funny and really gives you a workout. The Lap/Strip is… interesting. I do know that it really worked my abs, so I’ll keep an open mind. In Pole 2, I am getting upside down on the pole more often than not. And… last night… I hung by just my legs! I took my arms off completely! It was only for about 2 seconds, and it hurt my poor thigh skin badly, but I did it!! My pole partner in crime also made it upside down finally! It was a good class 🙂

And with that, it’s already Wednesday!!


July 10, 2008

I have a feeling this weekend is going to be light years better than last weekend. Tomorrow night is opening night of Damn Yankees at Sunset Playhouse in Elm Grove. David has had a rough week with the rehearsals, but finally it will all pay off! I bought my ticket, and I’ll be in the fourth row, cheering for him.

This is exciting, yes, but it’s made extra exciting by the fact that this will be the first time I will wear my superfantastic new blue dress!! Tomorrow! I can hardly wait. I’m working through lunch and leaving work at 4. Then I will go home and get prettied up and rock the dress.

I bought these shoes yesterday.

I’m not positive I am keeping them. They’re a little dressy, and pretty comfortable, and I think they’ll look good with THE DRESS. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll play dress up tonight.

As if that weren’t good enough, I also have an excuse to wear the dress on Sunday night! (Will I actually wear it twice in one weekend? Maybe…) Why? Because my wonderful fiance is taking me to Bacchus! We’ve been dying to go back again, but we haven’t been since before my birthday in December. We have a couple coupons/certificates (totalling about $40) so we’ll be able to have an amazing meal and not have to put it on a credit card! I cannot wait! I love everything about this place. The food, the service, it’s just awesome.

But maybe, just maybe, what I’m most excited about are the chances to finally wear my new dress. YES!!

Garden Update

July 9, 2008

My cute little plants are plodding along. All but one of my tomato plants are sporting little green tomatoes. Strangely, that one is the tallest.

Here are some pictures I took tonight. First, one of my Better Bush plants:

And here is one of my Early Girls:

I was really excited to see the bunches of Grape Tomatoes that are springing up. They’re so cute!


The Rosemary is looking great. In fact, I’m going to be using some tomorrow when I start marinating chicken for this recipe from one of my other favorite food blogs, Culinary in the Desert.

If you don’t have them bookmarked, do it! They update almost daily, and I have to say it’s a little torturous now, because they make so many delicious looking treats!

The plant that has surprised me the most is the lettuce. In the past few days it has grown a lot. In fact, when I finish the lettuce in my fridge now, I don’t think I’ll buy any on my next grocery trip! It looks yummy!

And here is my still exploding basil, with more lettuce in the background:

I’m still upset that my other herbs didn’t make it. My mint was looking a little dried up, but when I checked it today, I see some new growth. So maybe I’ll have mojitos after all!

Speaking of YUM, I made myself a delicious dessert after dinner tonight. I whipped up some Sugar Free Jello Instant Pudding in the Cheesecake flavor. I added a handful of blueberries and sliced strawberries, and enjoyed. It would be yummy with Chocolate or Vanilla, but I think it would be divine with the White Chocolate pudding flavor. Whichever way I think about it, it all makes for an awesome Phase 2 dessert.


July 9, 2008

Work and consuming too many cheese curds have given me a headache.

But I’m here to report that I am soooo close to 180 pounds, I can taste it. The scale said 180.5 this morning! It briefly hit that weight over the weekend (Friday morning, I think?) but then I messed it all up by eating bad things.

I went to a family reunion on Saturday and there was hardly any South Beach approved food. Throughout the day I ended up eating three pieces of cake (well, two cake, one cheesecake) and a big bowl of chocolate chip ice cream. YUM! (I LOVE CAKE!!!!) I went into a bit of a sugar coma. I did refrain from the free beer.

Speaking of beer, I had a Summer Shandy at the fireworks on the 4th!!!! It was just as wonderful as I remembered! I might allow myself one more before the end of the summer.

Moral of the story is that by Monday morning, the scale said 184. I kicked some South Beach ass these past couple days and now I’m back at my lowest number to date. I feel confident that by the weekend I will hit a steady 180.

While I am impressed with my will power and my badass weight loss so far, I am getting mildly frustrated. I feel like I should look more different. I feel like I should be fitting into size 14 pants. I know I’m thinner, especially through the waist. My backfat rolls (you know, the stuff that gets squished by your bra) are almost completely gone. But I’m feeling anxious about getting to the weight I want. A few months ago I really never even wanted to be out in public, because I was so embarrassed of my body. I’m over that, but I’m worried that the body I’m hoping for in my mind won’t ever be seen in the mirror.

Then I remind myself that 180 (.5) pounds on a 5’7″ girl is still A LOT of weight. My goal, again, is 140-150lbs. My body will HAVE to look a lot different then, right? I have a feeling (and I’m hoping) that the next 20 to 30 pounds will be the ones that really change my body.

I’ve been on this diet for less than three months. 20-25 pounds is GREAT! I have to keep telling myself that. The weight will come off slower and it will be harder to take it off as the months progress. I figured it would take me about a year to lose all the weight. But here I am, almost halfway to my (at least) 50 pound goal. I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m just soooo impatient to GET THERE!!