Another Recipe Recommendation

Another Kalyn’s Kitchen recipe success! This one is totally drool worthy! It was raining here, so I did these under the broiler. They still turned out great. Visit Kalyn’s original recipe to get the details.

I used Italian-seasoned turkey sausage. It wasn’t too spicy (good for me) and the flavor was great with the other ingredients. I didn’t include the onion, because David doesn’t like onions. I accidentally went a little heavy on the parsley, but it was still delicious. I also used a combo of shredded mozzarella and asiago on the top. They were almost like mini-pizzas. We each ate two medium-large mushrooms and I finished up my leftover Cucumber-Yogurt-Dill Salad. Although honestly, I would have been satisfied with the mushrooms. They’re very filling and yet feel light and fresh. They’re perfect for summer. We’ll be doing this again, for sure.

I highly recommend this, even if you’re NOT on the South Beach Diet. It’s a delicious and healthy meal.


2 Responses to “Another Recipe Recommendation”

  1. kelly Says:

    Look at you with all your new recipes! This looks quite delicious!

    p.s. love your new title bar!

  2. Kalyn Says:

    Glad you liked it, and I love it when people say a recipe is good “even if you’re NOT on the South Beach Diet.” That’s completely my goal with the blog!

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