Catching Up In Photos

Saturday, I went to Rocky Horror in my best Christmas in July garb. The Virgin Mary. I’m mostly Catholic and definitely Christian, so nobody needs to tell me that I’m going to hell for this.

I took this at home:

These were taken during the costume contest. David’s baby Jesus looked more like baby Hagrid, but whatever.

Okay, and if you weren’t convinced I’m going to hell, this should do it. My virgin proof. Ridiculous homemade chastity belt. Complete with padlock.

Outrageous, I know.

Moo Cards. When I bought my Pro Flickr account I got 10 of them free. So I goofed around with them, just to see how some of my photos would look and what they were all about. They’re supposed to be like business or calling cards, but their smaller size and pictures are much more artistic and special than a normal business card.

Here’s the back. I blurred my last name, you know, because none of you know it. The font is pink, though it looks more red here:

And for the best part of my weekend… Sharing a mint chocolate chip ice cream filled crepe, covered with chocolate sauce and whipped cream while sitting on a curb at Bastille Days.



3 Responses to “Catching Up In Photos”

  1. Julia Says:

    That crepe just gave me a hot flash. I am freaking dying over here!

    And cute cards, too!

  2. Sierra Says:

    Those costumes are too funny!

    Wow, those cards are really cool!

  3. msoj Says:

    With regard to the chastity belt, and in the words of Rod Stewart:

    “You wear it well” (…Madam Onassis got nothing on you)

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