Shout Out To My Boy!

Could I have included this in my last entry? Sure, but it deserves it’s own mention (and I forgot between posting those picture).

David got a MENTION in the review for Damn Yankees!!! He’s really “just chorus” and this is what every “just chorus” member hopes and dreams for. Will the review mention me? I’m trying so hard, but my part is so insignificant. 

Most Journal Sentinel reviews are so short, they barely mention the leads! This one is nice because almost everyone gets their name in there. But I am sooooo proud of David for his extra special little mention. Even if it’s only one short sentence. He gives hope to all hard working chorus members toiling away out there!

Check it out here!!!


3 Responses to “Shout Out To My Boy!”

  1. WD Says:

    I’m glad he got a mention and a good review. It almost justifies the thumb injury. Congrats to DCD!

  2. Sierra Says:

    WTG DCD! 🙂

  3. cupcakes Says:

    i am gloating to my mother and all her friends on behalf of dave.

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