Random Drunk

You know what this blog has been missing? Drunkeness!!

And here I am to bring it to you!

I went out to Cubanitas (Google it, because I’m too lazy to make a link now) which is one of my absolute favorite restaurants in Milwaukee right now. With my friend WD. Kristie? What do I call her on here. Oh well, whatever. I’ll probably delete this when I come across it on Google Reader tomorrow at work. I’ll say “OMG! What the EFF was I doing?” I guess this is what happens when I get tipsy and come home to an empty house.

Oh, and her husband came too. It was good times. He drove. Yaaayyyy!!

Oh! I’m going to copy and paste an entry from my old OLD blog, back in 05, when I got home from my 21st Birthday party…

FANTA!! Don’ yhopou wanna wanna fanta!!

Suvk it trtebeck

W0w/. samantaha is ribht. it is hard to type when you are drunk.”

I went out to bars ytonight.

And it was fun.

whao. that sentence was sepelled and typed ocorrectyley, CORECTLY.

wel,l, with one more r. lets try this again.


i did it !

I went to elsa’s and my mom bnought me a cosmopolitan. it didn’t tasete that good.

i had chapmpagne. tjhat was yummy.

and tehen i went to this bar called sake-tumi. Get5 it? Sock it to me?!!!!! it was coiol. and not croweced. and i wanted to dance. but the time went to fast. they did not card me there. i am going kto rpeport them. no, not really. but it was lame, because k io wanted to show my id. they carded me at elsas. and some weird guys were being weird.

and then i went to oakland gyros. and i made friends with people who gave me friench fries when i was wstanding in line for food. but then he called me a slut. so then i was sad. but who isn’t a slut for french fries? so then i felt ok.

now i am back home and i am going to eat gyros.

and i am drunk.

and i am 21.

no… YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, fortunately I am not THAT drunk right now.

But the Mojitos at Cubanita’s are killer. And I drank an unprecedented (big word right now) TWO of them.

They’re deadly. For real.

I ate deeeelicious food, too.

And then I got home and washed my hair. Showering while getting drunker is quite interesting.


That one’s for Heather, even though my bloggggg is not cool enough for her to read on any regular basis.

And just for good measure, here’s a picture of David and I from last night, the last night with his cast (he tore a ligament in his thumb):

I was the ONLY person who got to sign it! I’m special!

Well, now he has another cast on his hand, but it’s much smaller. It’s like a Michael Jackson glove. I’ll take a pic this weekend. It’s funny. His thumb did not heal over this last month, so he will have an MRI on Tuesday to see if he needs to have SURGERY! This is not a musician’s friend. The good news is that they will fix it, and he’ll be able to play guitar once again.

This week has been busy, albeit (fancy word) with fun things. But I am looking forward to next Mon-Wednesday where I have much less going on. I might go out for drinks with friends next Wednesday. This weekend I will finally call Laura back (Red- if you read this, I got your message, but I just haven’t had actual time to call you back and chat!!!)

Okay, I am off to dry my hair and drink several LARGE glasses of water and hope that I don’t feel yucky tomorrow morning.

Byeeeeeeeeee! I hope this is just as funny tomorrow! Hopefully I won’t say “OMG! What was I thinking?!” and then click delete.

</drunk blogging>


10 Responses to “Random Drunk”

  1. WD Says:

    You look SO wasted in that pic!

    Big Daddy T had lots of nice things to say about you, too bad he waited until you were out of the car. He asked me if you lost weight and I said, “Uh yeah, like 25 lbs! Doesn’t she look fantastic?” He agrees that you’re so damn cute.

    BTW, I hate the first pic of myself. THE KID gets her need to pose strangely in pics from me.

  2. Erin Says:

    hehe good post. 🙂

  3. Mishy Says:

    i knew i sensed danger last nite. i was about four blocks away.

  4. Morgan Says:

    this post made me laugh. aren’t we dumbasses when we turn 21?

  5. Heather Says:

    Yes!! I love it 🙂 Total badass.
    And that first pic of you two is super cute.

  6. Ginesa Says:

    Oh, WD! I miss WD! She’s so much fun!

    And Cubanitas? LOVE it.

    Mojitos?!?! Even MORE friggin’ jealous. I love mojitos.

    Of course, I love beer too.

    And wine.

    And margaritas.

    And, well, pretty much everything that has alcohol. I’m not picky at all.

    Anyway….I’m merely just posting to tell you how jealous I am of your fabulous time out.


    So there.

  7. Sierra Says:

    Awesome post!

    I love cubanitas and mojitos too!11

  8. cupcakes Says:

    ah, you crazy kids.
    i, too, had a cosmo on my 21st birthday. actually, i had three because my friend carrie just couldn’t do it anymore. it was the end of the night and we were with my friend sharkey who used to bartend at hi-hat. i had three cosmos there after several drinks at nomad and at my house. i decided that night that alcohol tolerence is genetic, because i had no clue why people go out and drink if they don’t feel any different, and being that i have never seen my father drunk or without a drink (wait a minute…) i must have his tolerance.
    and 2 mojitos, miss tasha? no wonder i never see you at bar close.

  9. julia Says:

    Please tell me that the second line in the drunken 21 post says: Suck it, Trebec. If so I give you mad props. That SNL Jeopardy is the funniest thing ever, only second to this post:)

  10. Two Nerds and a Dog » Blog Archive » I’m only slightly drunk Says:

    […] 3 am and I’m sobering up a bit, so this won’t be nearly as drunken as Tasha’s last post.  I had so much fun tonight and I’m so glad you all came.  A brief re-cap (even though […]

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